PostUp CEO Featured in Publishing Executive
June 14, 2017
PostUp’s latest article in Publishing Executive shows that, despite the persistent personalization trend among publishers, it’s not a silver bullet for the problems they face. PostUp CEO T
PostUp Shows ExchangeWire How Email Can Help Publishers Combat the Facebook Monopoly
May 12, 2017
In an ExchangeWire-exclusive article, Keith Sibson, PostUp’s VP of Product and Marketing, wrote on the problems with platforms and how a renewed focus on email can help publishers take back cont
Association of National Advertisers Features PostUp in “Marketing Maestros” Column
April 28, 2017
Keith Sibson, PostUp’s VP of Product and Marketing, recently appeared in an Association of National Advertisers “Marketing Maestros” feature to discuss personalization. From The Trut
PostUp Tells PerformanceIn How Programmatic Has Hurt Publishers
April 20, 2017
A recent PerformanceIn article featured PostUp’s insights on programmatic and its effect on publishers. In “How Programmatic has Hurt Publishers and Why Advertisers Should Care,” Po
PostUp Talks Audience Development in MarTech Advisor
April 6, 2017
PostUp’s latest article in MarTech Advisor shows publishers how they can own their audience and generate revenue in an era dominated by digital platform publishing. Keith Sibson, PostUp’s
PostUp Talks Email Newsletters in Convince and Convert
February 23, 2017
A PostUp-penned Convince and Convert article tells readers how the email newsletter is making news better. Keith Sibson, PostUp’s VP of Product and Marketing, shows four ways that email newslett
In the News: PostUp Talks Customer Experience
February 16, 2017
A article quotes PostUp on the importance of customer experience. From Forget Points: CX Is Key To Instilling Loyalty: As the meaning of loyalty evolves, its measures of success change as well
PostUp Featured in Publishing Executive’s “Industry Insider” Column
January 27, 2017
PostUp’s Keith Sibson appears in Publishing Executive to explain the pitfalls of the ad-driven business model and why publishers need to think beyond programmatic. On January 25, Publishing Exe
PostUp Tells DMN There’s a Problem with Programmatic
January 25, 2017
Keith Sibson, PostUp’s VP of Product and Marketing, recently appeared on DMN’s One-on-One podcast to talk about the problems that digital publishers have with programmatic. From DMN̵
PostUp Featured in Columbia Journalism Review
December 16, 2016
On December 16, the Columbia Journalism Review featured insights from Keith Sibson, PostUp’s VP of Product and Marketing, in a year-end analysis of the state of publishing. In “Publishers
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