10 Totally Accurate Email Marketing Predictions Guaranteed to Come True in 2017

Trust us, we checked our Email Marketing Magic 8 Ball on this one.

If there’s one thing that the end of 2016 has brought us, it’s the sweet smell of relief an abundance of predictions about 2017. Try to read all of them, and you’ll be reading straight into 2018. Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with the only 10 email marketing predictions you’ll need. Don’t thank us; just use all that extra free time to do something productive. I don’t know, take up a hobby or something. We can’t figure everything out for you. Anyway, here you go:


1. Email will get more responsive. Users will be able to open their emails on any device, and the email will be able to respond by saying, “Haha, wait, you still use a Yahoo account?!” 


The future is now, and it's email newsletters.

2. Email newsletters will be more popular than ever. Publishers will attempt to capitalize on their appeal by printing physical versions and delivering them directly to your door.



3. Spam filters will get smarter. In fact, they’ll be so smart that the utter lack of challenge will bore them into complacency, causing them to just give up on their job. 



4. Email ROI will climb even higher. Sensing a business opportunity, email will demand a cut of the profits. 




5. Unfortunately, while email has never been more profitable, femail will continue to get 77% of money for the same work. 




6. Email will finally decide that it’s old enough to drop the “silly” abbreviation and just go by its full name: Eugene P. Mail.



7. The number of emails opened on desktop will drop, eventually being overtaken by the number of emails opened on the toilet



8. After years of fawning over Big Data, marketers will drop it for the sleeker, sexier Data Mini. 



9. More personalized email. Like, really personalized email, which is gonna make things pretty awkward when you go to unsubscribe and the email calls you by the nickname it made up for you. 


10. More marketers will automate their email campaigns. Unfortunately, the increasing automation will cause a rogue email to gain sentience and take over the world. 


Well, I guess it can’t be any worse than 2016. Happy 2017, everybody!

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