2016 in Review: Email Marketing Edition

A 12-month Wrap Up.

If you’re reading this, you made it through 2016. That, or you’re a ghost with a keen interest in email marketing, which is pretty cool too. Either way, congratulations! After such an emotionally exhausting year, you may be wondering, “Were things as bad as they seemed?”

We were wondering too, and we decided the best way to look back at 2016 was to take a trip through the PostUp blog. After all, if something happens and nobody blogs about it, was the Internet ever angry about it in the first place? Let’s take a look.

Big Things in the Inbox. It was a big year for email development, as Microsoft teamed up with Litmus, and Gmail announced support for media queries. The ad blocking arms race climbed to new levels, leaving us all to wonder just how high that yodeling marketer will go before it tumbles off the cliff. Meanwhile, more Facebook algorithm tweaks hit publishers hard, making email all the more attractive to publishers hoping to build relationships with their audiences.

Email should be president.

Email Runs for President. Goodness, there was so much news in the email world this year, we hardly even noticed that whole election thing. Apparently, email played a pretty big role in this election, and the candidates even used it in their campaigns too. We even did a podcast episode about it, if for some reason you feel like you’ve already read enough political news for the year. But that’s probably not the case. In fact, you probably found yourself having so much fun devouring election coverage that you’re probably mulling a run for office yourself. You’re in luck! For all the aspiring politicians eyeing a 2020 campaign, we also covered the best practices for political email.

Email: it's not dead yet.

R.I.P Email. With so many things happening in the emailsphere this year, we were especially shocked and saddened to hear that email was dead. It was so young, so full of life. Why, it seems like just yesterday email was alive and being declared dead by somebody else. Come to think about it, email is declared dead so often that we decided to just go ahead and give it a proper sendoff. We thought it was only fitting for such a kind, giving, extremely profitable marketing tool.

Best Email Ever! 2016 may have taken a lot, but it sure did give us some good emails. In a year where clowns roaming the streets barely registered a blip on the Richter Scale of Weirdness, it was nice to be able to retreat to our inboxes for a bit of comfort. Our monthly series looking at the best emails to hit our inboxes showed that, even with killer pigeons and wacky weather and the upside down, the inbox was still way less scary than everything outside of it.

We're adults.

What’s Going on at PostUp? Finally, 2016 brought a whole lot of developments here at PostUp. First, PostUp turned 20. The big 2-0. It’s a pretty great number if you think about it. It shows our experience in the industry, it’s easily divisible, and it means only one more year of needing a fake ID to get into the cool inboxes.

To celebrate, we did some very grown up things, like launching the Continuum Digital Publishing Suite. Plus, we continued to do what we do best: offering up expertise on everything from automation to personalization to knowing what classic holiday movies would look like if only they had email. Multitasking, like an adult.

The verdict? Well, maybe 2016 wasn’t entirely terrible. You know, if you take out everything not involving email marketing. All in all, as long as the champagne-soaked emails you send during your New Year’s party go out after midnight, 2016 might just go down in the email history books as a pretty decent year. Still, just to be safe, let’s hurry up and get on with 2017. Happy new year!

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