3 Cheers for Email Automation!

Email Marketing Automation at the Push of a ButtonAs a society, we have come a long way in terms of automation. From starting a car with the push of a button to automatic paper towel dispensers, we live and breathe for convenience and efficiency. Time is precious, and automation allows for people to spend their time pursuing other endeavors. This is especially true in the field of email marketing.

Email Automation Increases Engagement

Not only does email automation save time, but it is effective in connecting companies to their consumers. According to Sales Nexus, a 119% click-through increase in marketing emails resulted from automatically triggered email messages compared to business-as-usual messages. This means that automated messages help reach audiences that would not have been engaged otherwise. Brands fulfill customer expectations more directly, thus strengthening the relationship between company and consumer. It’s clear: marketing automation software isn’t just good for saving time, it’s actually good for increasing engagement.

Automation Is the Key to Better Email ROI

With automation, consumers are satisfied and businesses are flourishing. Gartner Research states that email marketing automation results in a 15% estimated savings on creative production. Because companies do not have to send thousands of emails manually, they have the chance to focus on other aspects of their email marketing program and spend their time and money more wisely. And finally, 60% of companies with high performing email marketing automation achieved higher lead-to-sale conversion ratings and lower costs of customer acquisition. With companies always on the lookout for ways to improve the customer acquisition process, automated email marketing campaigns are essential to any successful digital marketing program.

Time to Strategize Comes From Automation

As email automation gains momentum, businesses realize that investing in it is crucial to achieving success. 91% of successful users agree that email marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels. This success comes from the time spent reflecting, strategizing, and improving the program. Valuable time is freed up to be used in better ways through the use of automation. Aberdeen Group asserts 70% of businesses are using an automation platform (MAP) or currently implementing one. Automation thrives in many businesses because it takes care of functional duties and grants people the ability to accomplish more meaningful projects. Freeing up time from logistical tasks enables companies to concentrate on improving methods and procedures.

Automation has proven beneficial to companies of all industries. Email marketing automation engages consumers, saves valuable time, and gives businesses the opportunity to accomplish significant tasks. With less focus on logistics, people have the chance to confront important obstacles and consider new solutions. Automation just might be the answer to many of an email marketer’s most pressing problems.

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