5 Critical Laws of Attraction for Email List Growth

5_Critical_Laws_of_Attraction_for_Email_SubscribersI recently clicked through to a website to read an interesting article. Immediately on arrival, I got a lightbox offering to let me subscribe to their email updates. I wasn’t ready for that yet – I hadn’t read my first article – so I closed it. I read the first article, liked it, and clicked to read another. Again, the lightbox appeared offering the email subscription. I was still trying to read, so I closed it again. After reading the second article all the way through, I realized that I loved this website! I DID want to subscribe to their email updates!

I clicked to another page. No more lightbox. Clicked again. Nothing. Definitely not the best strategy for list growth. I liked this website so much that I went hunting for their signup form, but I’m annoyed that I had to do so. Why was it so easy to subscribe when I wasn’t ready and so hard to subscribe when I was? I finally found the link to the subscription page buried IN THE FOOTER of all places! I subscribed, and have been getting terrific emails from them ever since. But that subscription experience was a little rough!

Since I’m such a big fan, I’d like to offer these nice people – and you – some tips for how to avoid a scenario like this. Here are the 5 critical laws of attracting email subscribers:

  1. Keep it close by. It’s OK to offer the subscription option as soon as the user arrives. But when they close it, don’t make it disappear. Keep it available in the bottom corner as a teaser, ready to open back up at any time. Then you won’t need to keep serving the lightbox every time they click on a new page (which could get annoying).
  2. Keep it ever-present. A simple email subscription box at the top of the page or in a sidebar could make the teaser unnecessary. No matter where the user is on your site, they should always have an easy way to subscribe when the mood strikes.
  3. Keep it up top. Whatever subscription option you use, DON’T HIDE IT IN THE FOOTER. Keep it top of page and top of mind.
  4. Keep experimenting. The longer someone stays on your site, the more likely they are to subscribe to your emails. Experiment with triggering the email subscription lightbox not on entry but after 2, 3 or 4 pageviews to see where the most conversions occur.
  5. Keep it for later. You can also trigger the email capture function as someone is leaving your site instead of when they enter. If they’ve visited more than 1 page, there’s a decent chance they’ll take you up on the offer. This way you don’t impede their experience while they’re trying to consume your content.

Growing your subscriber list is so important to your success; those are the people who are going to keep engaging. So make it as easy as possible for them to get onto that list, and think about their experience as you’re configuring your email capture boxes.

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