Are you Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing Data?

digital marketing dataThe amount of data marketers collect is growing at an exponential rate.  This may include: subscriber demographic information, content preferences, product usage patterns, and customer satisfaction surveys. With this growth comes added complexity and a need to make sense of what seems to be a chaotic situation. The ultimate goal is to improve your program’s performance while lowering costs.

Are you getting the most value from one of your biggest assets? To make the most of your data, here are a few suggestions to get on the right path:

1. Update your mindset. A lot of what marketers focus on is reactive reporting, which is important. We all want to understand important performance metrics related to our established goals. The issue is that’s only half of the picture. True email marketing aficionados know the value of real-time and predictive analytics. Marketers who take their data to the next step by utilizing performance trends have the ability to drive innovative decisions for future implementation in their email programs.

2. Centralize your data infrastructure. This one is a bit trickier. It involves a coherent plan to combine all your relevant data sources into a centralized space. It is also important that your data is accessible and scalable; this means no more spreadsheets with valuable data sitting on your desktop collecting dust. Centralizing your data means making your data accessible to the entire organization from one location.

We took this to heart at PostUp and developed a comprehensive data warehouse. Our data warehouse serves as the hub for our customers’ advanced analytics needs. We’ve given our customers the ability to store billions of rows of relevant data acquired from many sources. This tool was built to serve as the basis for our business intelligence environment. Collaboration between the digital marketing decision-makers and technology experts in your organization will be crucial in getting this to work, but will reap benefits for years to come if done correctly.

3. Drive decision-making and storytelling through relevance and ease of use. The best intentions and data mean nothing if you can’t interpret what the data is saying. One of the best ways to get actionable information out of an ever-growing pool of data is to see it visually represented in a way that you can easily understand. This way, the marketing team can work directly with the data, utilizing the infrastructure you’ve already built in an intuitive, visual interface. Through our partnership with Tableau Software, we’re building focused standardized and custom dashboards that allow access to data that’s already been interpreted so all you have to do is make the important decisions. Once you get here, the possibilities are endless!

The problem of big data doesn’t need to be a problem for those in the digital marketing trenches. PostUp is here to help you unlock the secrets of competitive intelligence. For more information on understanding your data, download our Email Strategy Solution Guide.

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Shelly Alvarez

Director of Client Services, PostUp