In the News: How persevered — and is growing

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While some have seen steep social traffic drops in recent years, for publishers like PostUp client, social media changes never posed a problem. As Digiday reported February 4 in “How dot-com publisher persevered — and is growing:"

“Unlike many modern-day media companies, hasn’t committed to growing distribution via social platforms — or looking to them for ad revenue sharing…

“‘We are [on social], but it’s such a low impact. We think it may be because astrology is something a little more personal. Google is the big means of distribution, second is direct and third is email,’ [GM of Media Josh] Jaffe said.”

Created in 1999, boasts a growing audience and growing revenue; they saw 38% year-over-year revenue growth in 2018. Part of this enduring success lies in’s foresight to focus on email:

“Beyond the site, email is one of the company’s priorities to grow the audience and make more money. The company said it has more than 4 million email subscribers across 15 different email newsletters. ”

Head over to Digiday to learn more about how’s focus on direct channels is paying off.

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