Best Articles of the Week! Cheap Candy Edition

That special day in February always seems to sneak up on you. No, not Valentine’s Day. Not even the day after Valentine’s Day, the day when the heart-shaped candy goes on sale.

It’s that day after the day after Valentine’s Day, when you’re nursing the candy hangover from your day of indulgence in discounted candy. You don’t mean to finish that whole bag. You never do. But you can’t stop eating conversation hearts until you get one that says “FAX ME.” That’s the rule, right?

Hopefully you’ve recovered from your sugar crash by now, but even if you haven’t, take a break from doubling over in pain to check out some of the best articles of the week in the email marketing world and beyond:

Be Mine: A Brief History of Valentine’s Day Marketing (via Hubspot)

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has been keeping romantics busy for centuries now. Millennia, even. So if you’re banking on the holiday falling out of favor any time soon, you’re probably out of luck, but at least you can pull yourself out of the doldrums with some inspiration from some of history’s Valentine’s marketing campaigns.

Bill Belichick gives us 7 steps to email marketing success (via Only Influencers)

Speaking of love or hate, it turns out Bill Belichick has a lot to teach us about email marketing. It makes sense. After all, email is no stranger to controversy itself, but they both keep winning anyway. Chew on Belichick’s advice while you sit and wonder why that bag of candy you bought yesterday didn’t seem as full as you remember them being.
Harness the Power of Emojis in Your Inbox (via Litmus)

You’ve probably seen your share of heart emojis this week. It’s no surprise; they work! In small doses, that is. When used sparingly and skillfully, an appropriate emoji makes for a sweet treat for your readers. Don’t overdo it though: too many heart-shaped emojis will just turn stomachs. Think of it like that heart-shaped candy, but in the inbox.
Six Email Worst Practices: How to Send Your Emails to Your Customer’s Trash (via MarketingProfs)

We’ve been talking a lot about best practices around here lately, but maybe you’re more interested in worst practices. Maybe you want to make sure that you’re not doing the wrong things. Maybe you really want to send bad emails. Why would you want to do that? Who knows? Things are wacky these days. One thing’s for sure: chocolate still tastes better from a heart-shaped box.

80 new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go (via Mashable)

Remember Pokemon Go? You know, those two summer weeks when you felt like a kid again? That glorious fortnight when the world and everything in it seemed new again? Anyway, there’s 80 new monsters to pocket, so get to work. It’ll be a great way to walk off all that candy-coated chocolate you ate this week.

Fortunately, the candy sales on Presidents’ Day are slim, so we should be safe for now. Tune in next week, when we bring you next week’s best email marketing articles!

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