Best Articles of the Week! (Don’t Worry, They’re Right; We Checked)

break dancing, email marketing, it's all the same.

Sometimes mistakes happen. The barista gets your order wrong. The barista spells your name wrong. The barista tells you, “This is a Starbucks; you can’t practice your breakdancing here.”

Wow, 0 for 3 for that barista, huh?

Whether you’re an Academy Awards presenter, an email marketer, or an incredibly wrong barista who doesn’t appreciate excellent air flare execution, there’s only thing to do when those mistakes happen. Well, three: correct the problem, stress eat a share-size bag of peanut butter M&Ms, and move on.

In the meantime, until you make one of those mistakes (which you won’t, because you’re perfect), kick back and read some of the best articles of the week from the glamorous email marketing world.

From Emojis To Pre-Headers: Today’s Email Norms (via MediaPost)


Speaking of mistakes, it turns out that one of the most oft-repeated subject line tidbits is wrong. Putting “free” in the subject line used to be a one-way ticket through the spam filter, but these days it’s the top-performing word. Sometimes email marketing norms change without email marketers themselves noticing, but this article will quickly catch you up on what you need to know.

How Newsletter Metrics Can Turn Into Revenue (via MediaShift)

If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you know that we’re all about monetizing your emails. The way you monetize, however, can all depend on what kind of audience you have. This article shows you how to pay attention to your newsletter metrics before deciding the best path forward to email riches.

Huffington Post tries newsletter-only content to woo teens (via Digiday)

best email marketing articles

Despite the bloggers, young startups, and confused looks from your parents that say otherwise, email is still very much alive. Case in point: the Huffington Post’s new Generation Z-focused newsletter. If media companies can reach teens with the inbox, email can’t possibly be dead. Right? Or is that what the kids are into these days?

Here are 42 ideas for your newsroom’s next newsletter (via Poynter)

Stuck on email ideas? Maybe it’s been a slow news week, with no political turmoil or major award show flubs or anything. No worries, here are some ideas to revamp your email content, whether you’re a news publisher or a media company or just someone with a whole lot to say.

Why Typography Matters — Especially At The Oscars (via freeCodeCamp)

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You know that good typography is the difference between an email that gets read and an email that goes to the trash. Turns out it can also be the difference between a run-of-the-mill awards show and a live television trainwreck for the ages. This shows how a well-designed card is all it takes to prevent a television disaster and rob us all of a week’s worth of Twitter jokes.

Hopefully, we got these right and didn’t get distracted by trying to take pictures of all the celebrities who walk through this office. Tune in next week when we bring you a round of 5 more!

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