Best Articles of the Week! March Madness Edition

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Ah, March Madness! A much-needed break from those other 11 totally normal, not mad at all months of the year. March Madness kicks off this weekend with Selection Sunday, when the NCAA announces which teams will fight to face off in the Final Four. Good at basketball and alliteration? The talent in the American university system knows no bounds.

We’d like to honor this great national tradition by picking a few of the championship-worthy email marketing articles we’ve seen this week. Now we’re not going to make these articles face each other to find the ultimate winner…but if we did, these articles are all definitely good enough to hold their own. Check them out!

9 Easy-to-Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes (via Movable Ink)

If you’ve ever filled out a March Madness bracket, you know that mistakes happen. One first-round blunder, and your chance at the office pool fades faster than you can say “Coach Krzyzewski.” Simple mistakes can send shockwaves through your email program too, so make sure you go over this list before you hit “send.”

April Fools’ Email Inspirations To Laugh It Off! (via Email Monks)

Then again, if the first round destroys your bracket, you can always just claim it was a joke. “I didn’t really want to put all those 16-seeds through! April Fool’s!” Okay, so maybe none of your friends will buy that, but April Fool’s pranks are tricky. These emails pulled it off though. Look to this post for a few good prank ideas that might make up for last year’s joy buzzer fiasco.

7 Advanced Ways to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates (via Sleeknote)

There’s nothing more upsetting than watching an underdog basketball team beat the school you bet would win the whole tournament. Except for maybe losing email subscribers. While this post might not help you hold onto your March Madness hopes, it can definitely help you keep your subscribers around, and that’s what’s important. Right?

Report Finds Both Heightened Email Engagement, Rising Spam Rates (via MediaPost)

No link roundup is complete without some good news from the email marketing world, and the news we have this week is particularly great: email engagement is up! According to new research by our pals at Return Path, read and reply rates are up across the board. Sure, spam rates are up just a little bit too, but in email as in basketball: you win some, you lose some.

You need to see this painstaking Lego recreation of a classic March Madness shot (via Mashable)

Finally, while you’re taking a break from the email world to fill out your bracket, be sure to watch this incredible Lego stop-motion video of last year’s NCAA tournament-clinching shot. This intricate recreation has all of the brick-breaking action of The Lego Movie, but without the laughs…unless you think about how many Legos must have been stepped on in the process of making this.

There’s 5 of the best articles of the week from the email marketing world. Be sure to come back next week when we gladly bring you 5 more great reads. Or maybe not so gladly, depending on how these first few tournament games go.

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