Best Articles of the Week! MLB Opening Day Edition

This week marked Opening Day for the great American pastime: not sending email, the other one. Baseball! Major League Baseball is here again, sending us back on our way down a fun-filled 162-game season that we’ll probably just wait and binge-watch the week before playoffs start.

Here are this week’s best articles of the week from the Major League Email Marketing World. Read them, learn from them, and take a stretch break in the middle if you need to.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Mailing List Signups (via eConsultancy)

Growing your mailing list is critical to the success of your email program. Maybe you can’t build your audience like baseball teams do (free bobbleheads), but these tips on transactional emails and strategic use of email capture lightboxes are the next best thing.

Why Direct Relationships with Your Audiences Are More Important Than Ever (via MarTech Advisor)

That whole “audience” thing is an even bigger problem for publishers, who are trading direct access to their readers for the reach gained by platform publishing. Here’s why email is that cleanup hitter who can take your audience relationships to the next level.

Proofreading: Your 14-Point Email Copy Checklist (via Business 2 Community)

Baseball is a game of inches; of sabermetrics, precise defensive shifts, and optimal hot dog consumption strategies. Point is, the details matter. When mistakes in your copy can turn your audience away faster than a $7 dog, these steps are a must for your editing lineup.

Interactive Emails Increase Engagement (via MediaPost)

People like getting involved. It’s why baseball stadiums play those videos where they tell you to cheer for your favorite car, and the one that gets the loudest reception wins: you know it’s fake, but you participate anyway. Here a few things to think about before you build your next email.

A Surefire Way to Get Traffic to Your Content (via Copyblogger)

This article kind of reminds me of that thing my softball coaches always said, “Open your eyes!” Wait, not that thing. The other thing: “The best offense is a good defense.” Similarly, the best content marketing is good email marketing.

That takes care of this week’s best reads. Until next time, keep segmenting, keep testing, and always remember: there’s no crying in email marketing!

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