Best Articles of the Week! Peanut Butter & Jelly Edition

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This week, ESPN set the Internet ablaze by revealing the NBA’s secret addiction…to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. For nearly a decade, pro basketball players have been scarfing down sandwiches at a blistering pace before, during, and after games.

What is it about the humble PB&J that brings 7-foot centers to their knees without a fix? Is it the quick burst of energy? Is it the addicting sweet & salty combo? Or is it just the comfort of a childhood culinary classic? PB&Js might not seem like much, but their unparalleled punch is keeping an entire league afloat…all for less than 70 cents per sandwich.

Simple, effective, and cheap…sound familiar? If you think about it, our old friend email isn’t just the bread and butter of digital marketing; it’s the peanut and jelly too. Here are 5 of the best articles of the week from the email marketing world, served up just like Mom used to make.

High Email Engagement Among Businesses In Sports Industry (via MediaPost)

Like PB&Js themselves, people are eating up sports emails. Does rabid devotion to sports teams inspire those high open rates, or are sports marketers just sending really great email? We’ll go ahead and chalk it up to both. Two points!

Why People Aren’t Opening Your Emails (via AssociationNow)

If your open rate is far from SportsCenter-worthy, DMA found that abandoned email addresses might be part of your problem. So, if you’re still sending to, you may want to double check that.

6 tips to get subscribers to open marketing emails (via Marketing Land)

Emails still not getting opened? Instead of shutting down your food newsletter and starting one for an NBA team (you can include recipes in there too), try these tips. Here’s a bonus, non-email tip: creamy peanut butter. Or crunchy. You know what, you do you.

Here’s What We Learned After Tracking 17 Billion Email Opens (via Litmus)

Once you’re getting your emails opened, it’s important to look at the wealth of data opens can provide. Litmus did just that, and here’s what they found. Among other fun email statistics, 54% of opens happen on mobile…though hopefully not while readers are eating their PB&Js.

7 Email Design Must-Do’s for Today (via Publishing Executive)

For NBA rookies, pregame must-do’s include “prepare 3 dozen sandwiches for team or risk incurring the wrath of athletes with a cumulative height of 80 feet.” For email designers, the stakes aren’t quite so high. Still, to avoid incurring the annoyance of subscribers with a cumulative height that’s probably more than 80 feet, check out this list.

Be sure to tune in next week, when we wipe the jelly off our fingers and bring you five more great email marketing articles. In the meantime, if you want more revenue from your digital marketing sandwich, download our Ultimate Email Monetization Solution Guide. It’s even cheaper than a PB&J; in fact, it’s totally free!

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