Best Articles of the Week! Pineapple on Pizza Edition

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There are some things that shouldn’t work together in theory, and yet they combine to form a magical force for good greater than the sum of its parts. That new Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg show? Delightful.

And some things just don’t work together at all, no matter how hard you try. Rap/country crossovers. Bright, unnatural colors and ketchup. And pineapple on pizza.

While Iceland and the rest of the world debate the merits of ruining food with fruit, we’re still focusing on our favorite combination: email marketing and really great reading material. So grab a seat, tell the local pizzeria to fire up the oven, and curl up with some of email’s best articles of the week as you wait for your pineapple-free pizza to arrive.

Or order that pineapple pizza anyway. You know what? You do you.

Are you buying #AlternativeEmailFacts as truth? (via Marketing Land)

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“Alternative” and “facts” might not go together, but they definitely made for a fun few days as the Twittersphere came up with a hilarious stream of their own alternative facts. Always up for a bit of fun, Twitter’s #EmailGeeks joined in with some email marketing “facts.” After all, it’s not like they have anything better to do with their time; everyone knows “email marketing is so easy even a bad high school student can do it. #AlternativeEmailFacts

4 Ways the Email Newsletter is Making News Better (via Convince and Convert)

In an age of “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and “fruit trays masquerading as pizza,” it’s nice to have something you can trust. The email newsletter has responded in kind, providing quality curated content to the news-starved reader. Thanks to the email offerings of reputable journalistic outlets, you can spend less time wondering “Where will I get my news?” and more time pondering “How did we ever survive before stuffed crust pizza?”

How to Use Progressive Profiling to Deliver Personalized Subscriber Experiences (via Litmus)

best articles of the week

Having a wealth of user data makes meaningful email personalization easier, but collecting that data is tricky. After all, filling out forms is a lot like pineapple on pizza: it takes a special kind of person to really enjoy it. Litmus shows how to use progressive profiling to make the form process go down a little bit easier. At PostUp, we have some progressive capture solutions of our own; unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to fix pineapple pizza yet.
Email subject lines for history’s greatest writers (via Phrasee)

Like we always say, there’s nothing better than email and great articles.* And like we also always say, it’s a shame that history’s most skillful scribes didn’t live to see email.** Once again, Phrasee has stepped in to fulfill our wildest dreams, giving us a list of email subject lines that could very well have been written by these literary geniuses. In fact, if Shakespeare himself were alive to see this list, he would say, “e-what?”

15 Classic Metal Albums Whose Titles Are Less Dark Than the Washington Post’s New Motto (via Slate)

beavis and butthead do email marketing

Finally, if you subscribe to any one of the Washington Post’s 5 gazillion email newsletters, you’ve probably noticed their new motto: “Democracy dies in darkness.” The internet certainly noticed, blessing us with this collection of 15 alternative front page mottos. Metal and hard-hitting journalism. Actually, it works together quite nicely.

Unlike more simple combinations, the pineapple/pizza question has perpetually perplexed us. Yet, despite our disagreements on toppings and crust thickness, we remain united by our shared love of pizza. That’s what makes us (and pizza) great.

Tune in next week, when we’ll lay down the law on email articles and other food feuds with our “Best Articles of the Week! Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? Edition.”

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*Okay, we said it once.

**Okay, this one’s just one of those #AlternativeEmailFacts

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