Best Articles of the Week! Shark Jumping Edition

Ever since Fonzie literally jumped the shark in that infamous episode of Happy Days, shark-jumping has become synonymous with failure, ill-conceived antics, and a general decline in quality. Honestly, that’s kind of an insult to people who actually jump over sharks. It’s no small feat. Think about how much bravery it takes to step out into uncertain waters, stare death in the face, and wear form-fitting bodysuits.

Shark jumpers of Earth, we salute you!

This edition of “Best Articles of the Week!” goes out to dry land’s equivalent of the shark jumper: the humble email marketer! When people hear “email marketing,” they think of spam and, well, spam. But we all know you do so much more! You conquer the inbox, you convert customers, and you look great in a form-fitting bodysuit.*

Here’s to email, here’s to shark-jumping, and here’s our list of 5 choice email marketing articles from last week:

Three Ways Facebook Has Jumped the Shark for Marketers (via AdAge)

Oh hey, that’s what we were just talking about! For marketers, Facebook used to be the platform with the magic touch. Now it looks more and more like an aging water skier. Maybe email marketers can think of a more effective means of digital communication that has yet to jump the shark. One that’s still swimming along. One that may very well be the shark itself.

8 Ways Email Marketing Can Go Horribly Wrong (via Phrasee)

Then again, email isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes things go wrong. Fortunately, here are a handful of real-life examples that you can laugh at, learn from, and then maybe go back and laugh at them again. But most of all, make sure you learn from them. Like, an 80-20 learning-laughing split. That’s probably good.
Avoid the (Spam) Trap! Things to Look Out in Email Design and Coding (via Email Monks)

Like shark-jumping and the Aggro Crag, email marketing takes guts. Navigating the ever-unforgiving spam trap is a feat of coding, copywriting, and copious coffee consumption, but somehow you make it work. Hopefully, this handy guide makes things a little easier for you and your Keurig.
Love Is in the Air…Of Email Inboxes (via Media Post)

Still, there’s plenty to love about email. For instance, it turns out you can boost open rates by up to 71% by using subject lines with “romantic terminology” (which, coincidentally, may be the sexiest phrase ever). With Valentine’s Day coming up, it might be a good thing to try out in your own subject lines. That is, if you can type it out without gagging.

Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed (via Medium)

If there’s one thing that’s jumped the shark, it’s Super Bowl commercial culture. Cards Against Humanity brilliantly skewered it with a fake commercial and fake post-game analysis, both detailed in this hilarious Medium essay. At this point in the week, you’ve probably read this instant-classic article 17 times, but we’re bringing it back to you one more time.


Because this blog post has officially jumped the shark. Oh well, we had a good run. Tune in next week, when we try to redeem ourselves with a Very Special Episode of Best Articles of the Week!

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