Best Articles of the Week! Big Game Edition

It’s here! It’s that week of the year when people start obsessing about commercials, snack food, and some cryptic event reporters refer to only as the “Big Game.” Well, we did some research, and it turns out that “Big Game” is actually referring to a little thing called the Super Bowl.

While many people shy away from using the term “Super Bowl” in advertising and news segments to avoid copyright infringement, it’s not actually illegal to say it. My theory? The NFL pushes this myth because they still regret naming their Big Game after a giant piece of Tupperware. Or a magical toilet. I don’t know, I’m no John Madden.

Anyway, if you need something to pass the time while you’re waiting for the commercials to come back, here are a few of this week’s best email marketing articles. Don’t be afraid to let your mouth fall open as you sit in awe of their advice. Just try not to spill salsa down your shirt.

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Content for Email Marketing (via Movable Ink)

Whether from sheer adrenaline or mind-numbing commercials, it’s hard to get that brain going the day after the Super Bowl. So what happens when you still have to churn out new content? Easy: just repurpose your Greatest Hits. For instance, this entire link roundup was recycled from our blog post about Super Bowl XI. Happy bicentennial, Bay City Email Rollers!

5 Common Mistakes Email Marketers Make (via Return Path)

It’s easy to play armchair quarterback. Now it’s even easier. Read this article, learn to spot these common mistakes, and get back to doing what you do best: giving football tips through the TV to a guy with biceps bigger than your face.
Phrasee’s phavourite email marketing tweets of the month, January 2017 (via Phrasee)

Halftime! Either it’s the performance you’ve been waiting for all year, or it’s the performance you’ve been waiting for all game so you can go to the bathroom. Either way, you’re on your phone, and you’re probably checking Twitter. Check not, because Phrasee’s already gathered last month’s best email marketing tweets. Take it from us: they’re pretty good.

How the Washington Post is using newsletters to reach readers
(via Poynter)

Whether you want the bird team or the man-with-a-bird-on-his-head team to win, I think we can all agree on one thing: Super Bowl snacks rule. Well, two things: snacks rule, and email works. The Washington Post is using email newsletters and push notifications to great effect, and here’s your playbook for how to do the same.

There's a baby who knows how to email.

HOw To Workk From Home Wth Yor Chil,d SittiNG ON Yoour/ Lappppppp (via McSweeney’s)

Maybe football isn’t your thing, and you’re just trying to type a few emails during the game. No sweat! This article is your ticket to multitasking success, whether your child is a kid, a cat, or a footlong cheesesteak.

That’s the week in email marketing. Stay tuned for next week’s link roundup, when we bring you the “Best Articles of the Week! NFL Lawsuit Edition.”

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