Best Email Ever! Can In-Email Ads Be Helpful?

Best Email Ever!

A few weeks ago my family and I took our first ever Spring Break vacation together. We rented a beach house right on the water in order to give our aging dog and kids ample time and opportunity to play their hearts out in the Texas surf.  Upon renting through HomeAway™, they had me impressed at first with their transactional messages.  I thought they were clean, simple, and easy to understand. Then I received an email which highlighted special deals and offers for our upcoming trip. My initial thought was, “This is a very strategic, well thought out email, and what a great idea for an upcoming vacation.”

I loved that they were offering me special incentives for services and products that I might need during or before our upcoming trip. However, the more I thought about it, I realized that this message could have a fatal flaw in its plan.

One of the keys to a successful email is not only relevant content, but also timely content. As much as this email may be useful, sending it to me a month before my trip may be a little too far in advance. The odds of remembering this message and tracking it down in a month is probably slim.

Homeaway Email

Possibly sending this email again closer to my actual vacation arrival date could have an impact on its successfulness as well as benefit the vendors being featured in the email. Either way, I ended up flagging this email, using one of the services offered, and saved a little. So all in all I’d say that HomeAway™ did a great job with this email overall.

With sunburned arms, I salute you… very, very slowly.

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