Best Email Ever! Email Supremacy is No Fantasy

ESPN Fantasy Football Newsletter

Anyone that knows me understands my passion for fantasy football. I’m not afraid to admit it; I’m a junkie. I have multiple teams on several sites so I’m always looking for advice and updates on teams and players. In recent years, fantasy football has become big business, and therefore more sites than ever are monetizing that content.

Most sites now require you to purchase a subscription to access reports, updates and tools. But ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, sends out a pretty nice Fantasy News weekly update mailing that I’ve grown to love and depend on. By no means does this email give me everything I need to know, but it covers a nice range of player updates and fantasy advice that is organized well and makes it easy to scan for information I need.

The overall layout is simplistic in its form, but because it’s clean, organized, and mobile-friendly, it makes this email a total touchdown. The thing I like most about this newsletter is the variety of different content sections they present. This email also does a great job of giving you just enough to be dangerous, but it always leaves you wanting more. Additionally, adding in the “calls to action” links under each section is a fantastic idea to intercept more clicks.

Under the “Check ‘Em Out” section, I love the array of articles from their host of fantasy experts. Their experts are sound in their advice, and the articles are informative and fun to read. The one downside is that some of the content is reserved for their subscription-based service “Insider”, meaning you only get to read the first few sentences of the article unless you pay for their service.


Like I mentioned earlier, fantasy football content is being monetized left and right because they know people like me will pay for that insider information and advice from experts. Their “Tools” section includes links to ESPN’s most popular fantasy football resources, which are great to have access to for quick references; again, including “Insider” content for subscribers. Most designers would probably like to see that section a little more “designed”, but personally for what it is, I think the simplistic approach of just text links is a smart idea.

Lastly, like good coaching, it can make a big difference in the outcome of a game. I’d like to high-five the strategy team for including the secondary content at the bottom of this email. Offering a link to the ESPN Fantasy App is a brilliant idea, which probably most fantasy players would take advantage of. But my favorite part overall has to be the inclusion of the ESPN Daily Newsletter Sign Up banner. It’s a simple one-click subscription sign-up, and it’s an amazing way to build your lists and keep your subscribers engaged with all your content.

ESPN Emails

If you play fantasy football, or you just love getting email about fantasy football, I would highly recommend signing up for the ESPN Fantasy News updates. It will keep you in the know, and could help you win a championship. Now if ESPN could please tell me when Odell Beckham will finally get me some points, I would be forever grateful. Until then, I look forward to catching this newsletter each week and may it provide me a game-winning decision in the future.

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