Best Email Ever! Increasing Engagement with Personalized Data

february_best_email_ever_img.pngLike so many others getting into shape for the New Year was a top priority. So when someone in the office purchased a Fitbit we all were impressed by the product itself, but we as the email geeks we are, we were more impressed by Fitbit’s email campaign. One particular email we liked was their personalized 1-year overview of your results and progress.

This email takes personalization to another level by calculating your step count, total distance covered and how many supporters you’ve gained through social media.


Offering encouragement and presenting actual results is a fantastic way to keep users motivated as well as seeing how they stack up against others like them.

The clean, colorful, single column layout is easy to read and broken into nice digestible chunks. The information is well organized and uses font weights and sizes to help call attention and focus the reader on key information.

Also, not only is this a nice personalized message featuring your results for the year; but the email also contains helpful content that fits into the healthy lifestyle Fitbit promotes so well. Overall I love emails like this – Good design, great content, and relevant timing makes this Best Email Ever an email to admire.

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