Best Email Ever! UncommonGoods Mother’s Day Email

UncommonGoods Moms EmailMoms are like snowflakes in the fact that there are no two exactly alike, but in their basic form, they are all the same. Yet, finding an amazing gift to suit your snowflake is almost as hard as it comes. Come May, most of us understand how real the struggle is to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Many of us just go with the status quo flower bouquet or a nice box of chocolates. But if you are truly looking for something personal, you typically end up with something that doesn’t quite fit your mom’s unique tastes.

Well, that’s why I liked this UncommonGoods email so much. By no means is breaking people into character types (or buyer personas) to better personalize gifts a new idea, but it’s so well done that it’s worth mentioning.

The simple animated gif at the top that cycles through the different adjectives to describe “your” mom was a nice way to get my attention early. The single-column layout worked well and was easy to scroll. Going with a scalable layout made a lot of sense seeing how they are using mostly images. This allows everything to scale proportionally to the screen. Typically I’m not a supporter of email messages that are made up of this many images, but because the images are so simplistic in their illustrative style, they work well. I enjoyed the different characterizations of the mom personalities and found it pretty easy to pinpoint my own mother. Once you click-through, UncommonGoods does a great job of presenting multiple gift ideas that feel unique, and includes the option for many of them to be personalized.


Overall the layout is well done. With the ability to scroll down and easily click each section, it was very easy to interact with this email. But not only is their main message section well-executed, their secondary messages do a nice job as well. UncommonGoods also adds a few options in their footer that I think are incredibly smart and shows they truly care about their consumers.


I thought the addition of a social media contest was a cute idea, and it doesn’t detract from the overall message. It ties in nicely with the overall theme of the message. They also did a nice job with their secondary links to add more options for anyone not looking to buy something for their mother. And one of my favorite things is at the bottom of the footer. UncommonGoods allows their subscribers to update their email preferences from the email itself, but it also indicates what type of email message it is so you have a better understanding of the types of email messages they’re sending you.

UncommonGoods_Footer.jpgAt the end of the day, most emails are not earth-shattering content. But they can be well-executed and serve a purpose. This UncommonGoods email deserves to be recognized just like every mom out there. My hats off to UncommonGoods for their well-designed, well-executed Mother’s Day email.

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