Bring Back the Basics to Your Email Marketing Program!

Fall Cat Delivered

Summer is over (sigh), the kids are back to school (cheers), and the fall season is here with all of its busy, chaotic nuances. Every season I ask my clients, “Have you reviewed the basic core strategy of your program recently? Are there areas where improvements can be made?” Whatever your KPIs are, I have developed a top 5 list to help you kick off your program review.  Let’s GO….

Capture it

1.) Capture it.  Picture this.. a user comes to your website, they engage with your content (which you worked very hard on), and POOF — they move onto the next thing and are gone. Why lose your readers to that “next thing”? You can’t keep someone on your site forever, but you CAN continue the relationship! How? Capture their email address. You can seamlessly enable onsite capture widgets to add those engaged users to your database. What is an onsite capture widget, you ask? It’s simply a lightbox that appears on any webpage you want to help capture and GROW your email marketing list. Yes, it’s that easy!

2.) Welcome it.
The capture widget worked! So a new user subscribes, now what? Always make sure you have a Welcome email ready to go. When it comes to the user experience, there’s nothing better than receiving a well-written Welcome email. This key component of your email program should contain a brief description of what the user has signed up for, the benefits of the program, and provide the recipient with an idea of what’s next. Using planning tools, like a drip visualizer, can help you to keep your campaign elements in check. Though your subscribers are probably familiar with your content, this is your first impression in their inbox — make it great!

Automate it

3.) Automate it. Have you ever sat down and realized that you probably spend 75% (or MORE) of your workday setting up manual campaigns, leaving little to no time for anything else? Automation is the answer! Schedule messages and create triggered mailings with ease.  Many of our clients at PostUp even take advantage of automation via RSS feeds. Whether you need to send one hundred emails, or one MILLION, automation will save you hours every week!

4.) Outsource it.
Ever wonder how your email program will ever get off the ground, especially when your email marketing team only has 2 or 3 members? Here at PostUp, we understand that many email marketers do not have a robust team to handle all the work that goes into building, maintaining and improving an email program.  PostUp Services are comprised of 6 teams: Strategic Services, Campaign Management, Integration Services, Delivery Consulting, Creative Design and Reporting & Analytics. Let us work with you to make all of your marketing dreams come true.

Analyze it

5.  Analyze it. So you’ve spent the time, energy, and resources to build the best email program ever. The creative is perfect, the content is spot on, the automation is humming away. Your boss walks in and asks, “So how do we know if the email program is optimal? Have we checked the data recently? How is the performance compared to this time last year?" The health of an email program relies heavily on the ability to analyze incoming data, and make improvements. Visualize trends & create an action plan to help with the program’s KPIs, and you’ll be well on your way to the ultimate feedback system. PostUp, for example, has a direct integration with the data wonderland platform that is Tableau. We’ve also integrated with Google Analytics to determine revenue per email sent, reduced the time pulling a weekly report used to take from 45 mins to < 5 mins, and finally helped identify average time a subscriber engaged with content to develop a reactivation campaign. We’d be happy to help you with any custom reports!

That’s it, 5 easy steps to making your day and your email marketing program better. Let PostUp know how we can help; we are here when you are ready!

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Shelly Alvarez

Director of Client Services, PostUp