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4 Examples of How Postup Helped eCommerce

“We are thrilled with the results we have seen to date leveraging PostUp’s tools and services. Our email marketing efforts are more streamlined and efficient than ever before, and we are looking forward to achieving even more business growth through the channel.”

– Fashion Retailer’s Marketing Manager

Retail & eCommerce Case Studies

PostUp solves the email delivery mysery for ShadowShopper reaches the inbox with PostUp

Sony welcome campaign delivers welcome results

Fashion retailer boosts email related sales by 164% with PostUp

PostUp optimizes design, content, and engagement for ACMG

Industrial Supply Distributor rockets to 92% open rate after switching to Postup

Consumer and Technology Industry Solutions


Open rates, click-throughs, content engagement – none of these matter if your message isn’t getting to the inbox consistently. PostUp combines a massively scalable platform with the best deliverability expertise in the industry to drive inbox delivers to a consistent 98% average rate.

Program Growth

PostUp delivers powerful answers to the challenges of program growth. Combining targeted creative design, day and time delivery targeting, automated and self-learning A/B subject line testing, Consumer and Technology providers experience customer engagement lift averaging 104% increased click-throughs and email related sales improvements of more than 150%.

of your customers won’t open what they don’t see. PostUp achieves consistent deliverability.
better engagement means higher online sales via your email channel.

Dynamic Personalization

Customers interact with brands across all channels. Data gathered by marketers through these interactions provide powerful insight to driving deeper, more lasting customer engagement. PostUp’s dynamic personalization solutions delivered in partnership with best-of-breed analytics providers like Boomtrain improve customer engagement with 200% – 400% increases in open rates, and 2x lift in click-through rates.

Powerful Data Visualization

Consumer products and technology marketers are swimming in data. The challenge is to mine this data in ways that provide meaningful insight. PostUp’s industry-first full integration with Tableau Software provides marketers the predictive insights needed to design results-generating campaigns.

Consumer Product Features

Abandoned Cart Conversion

Tracking and studying visitor behavior from email to your website and through the purchase cycle can reveal important clues to customer desires. PostUp provides analytics tools to document and re-target online customers based on what products and preferences were left in abandoned shopping carts, driving more sales.

Scalable Agility

PostUp’s digital marketing solutions scale to any level of need and sophistication. Easy deployment, intuitive design, and bullet-proof delivery mean your online programs reach the right customer, where they are most receptive, with a message that resonates and drives the desired results.

Responsive Design

48% of all marketing email is opened, rendered and read on mobile clients – nearly double the rate of desktop clients. PostUp’s seamless integration with Litmus and our Responsive Design expertise provides you the ability to know where your customers are reading your interactions for smarter targeting and the ideal design framework to engage them most effectively.

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