Digital Publishing Suite

You have a story. Continue telling it.

At PostUp, we’re big fans of the content you’re creating. Your last article? Instant classic. That’s why we want to help you get that content out there for the world to see. Introducing Continuum, a one-of-a-kind digital publishing suite designed specifically for publishing & media companies.

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Omnichannel Publishing

Your audience is everywhere, and now you can be too. Continuum allows you to take your content and continue sharing it across multiple channels. Email, social media, SMS, push notifications – everything except carrier pigeons.



Continuum’s comprehensive tools make email easy. Powerful automation. Sophisticated segmentation. Beautiful emails that get delivered and get results, plus the analytics you need to plan your next move. It’s the coolest thing in email since they put that little man inside the computer who told you when you had mail.

Push Notifications

Sometimes your message is too big to sit and wait in the inbox. Compose push notifications right from the Continuum platform, and deliver breaking news, announcements, or other alerts instantaneously. It’s like magic, only we don’t wear those capes (just the hats).


“Everybody’s doing too much texting and not enough communicating!” is what your grumpy old neighbor always says. Except you are communicating. A well-timed text message can be an effective way to talk to your audience, and Continuum makes it simple to add SMS to your campaign.

Social Media

Your audience is all over social media, but coordinating your message across platforms is a pain. Plus, we’ve seen the rest of the internet; it’s scary out there. Continuum connects with the major social media sites, allowing you to cross-promote content all from the comfort of your home platform. Working from home rocks.

Drip Visualizer

When you’ve got a campaign to be proud of, sometimes you just want to stand back and admire your work. But with a complex omnichannel strategy, it can be tricky to keep track of all those moving parts. Continuum’s drip visualizer generates a clear, comprehensive picture of your campaign, allowing you to observe each step at a glance. See where you stand, share it with coworkers, or show it off at the next meeting. It’s okay, you can brag a little. We understand.

App Creation

Excited by push notifications but don’t have an app? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. It’s us. We’re that app. We’ll gladly build an app for you. We won’t even make you watch an ad first. We’re just excited for you to send push notifications too.

CMS Integration

You’re a publishing company, not a “publishing, then agonizing over assembling the weekly email newsletter” company. Let us do the heavy lifting.Continuum’s seamless CMS integration allows you to kick back and relax while we compile content based on your tags, put it in your email template, and send it out. Or if you want, we won’t send it out until you give us the thumbs-up. You can have as much or as little control as you need. We make a pretty great team, don’t we?