Don’t Panic: The 2-Step Ad Blocking Playbook for Publishers

Ad blocking has everyone in a frenzy right now, in case you’ve been living under a rock. If you’re a publisher, you’re right to be worried. A 2017 PageFair report found that use of ad blockers jumped 30% in 2016. Even worse, this technology is expected to cost publishers $35 billion by the year 2020.

The Secret Weapon Against Ad Blocking

With ad blocking technology eating into the digital publishing industry’s already-volatile business models, how can media companies recoup their revenue? I’ll tell you how – by building a safety net with email advertisements. That’s it. And there’s hard data that proves it:

  • Email ads have a CTR twice that of display ads and are much more LESS likely to get blocked.
  • Email is more trusted than display advertising.
  • Email is the ideal platform for native ads.
  • Email is 19x better at driving (organic) audience engagement than social media channels like Facebook.
  • Email is the consumer’s preferred channel – leading postal mail, television ads, print media, and more.

But the best part about using email is you are in control. You can choose the time you reach your audience and what they see, and you can know who they are when they visit your website and monetize on or off-site!

Have a Game Plan

Now you know email is a great safety net for ad-blocking. Here is what to do about it in two steps:

  1. Develop your audience. Do this by adding lightboxes to your website, email sign-ups on social media, and cross-promoting your newsletters. The bigger the audience, the more emails you can send, which leads to more interactions, and ultimately, more revenue.
  2. Monetize your email. Sell in-email ads! Place IAB banner ads in your emails, sell inventory directly (if you have a large list with known demographics), and easily backfill with turnkey ad networks. By using native ads in email you can push ads to your audience since they are generally less shared on social media.

By implementing these email revenue strategies, all that worrying we talked about earlier will begin to decrease and opportunities to boost your email ROI will appear before your eyes. Here at PostUp, our clients have achieved much success by using these tactics. To see more details, check out this article explaining how our client The Golf Channel increased their database size, or download our free Ad Blocking Playbook today!

Ad Blocking Playbook

This blog post was originally published in February 2016, and it has been updated to include the latest email marketing statistics.