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Establish audience identity, collect actionable
first-party data, and maximize email revenue.

Email Audience Enrichment Solution GuideFor publishers, knowing user identity is the first step to provide value for audiences and advertisers, but that’s easier said than done.

Fortunately, while users may switch devices, their email address stays the same. That’s why PostUp uses email to reconcile audience identity and learn more about that audience.

PostUp’s email audience enrichment solutions establish audience identity, unlock first-party data, and make that data actionable in the inbox, on your site, and even on the Google Ad network and Facebook.

From personalized content to highly-targeted promotional email, a richer picture of your email audience allows you to drive maximum value from your known audience.

What’s in the guide:

Download PostUp’s Email Audience Enrichment Solution Guide to learn how you can:

  • Establish and reconcile audience identity through email;
  • Drive maximum CPMs from your promotional sends and in-email advertising;
  • Grow your newsletter audience with user engagement data;
  • Unify your data without resorting to additional technology;
  • And more!

Grab the guide today, and start driving more value from your email audience.

Download PostUp’s Email Audience Enrichment Solution Guide: