Email Automation: How to Be the Most Effective

Email automation is a great way to streamline your messages and save time on execution. But this requires much more savvy than just automatically sending emails to everyone on a subscriber list. It’s one thing to have advanced tools that makes your job as an email marketer easier, but it’s another to use them in a way that makes your efforts more effective.

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In order to truly have a strong campaign that delivers results, marketers have other factors to weigh as well. Utilizing email software is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing. Enterprise Apps Today listed a number of other ways marketers can make their efforts more effective:

  1. Understand your targets – When it comes to launching a campaign of any kind, marketers should have a clear understanding of their audiences. If you don’t know what your customers care about, then you risk alienating them by advertising products and service that may be of no use to them. By delving deeper into consumer behavior patterns, it’s much easier to deliver marketing materials to their inboxes that they’re likely to act on.
  2. Use automation to better manage workflow – One of the biggest advantages of email software for marketers is the ability to schedule outgoing messages. This is especially useful when it comes to follow-up communication sent to subscribers who have been identified as potential customers. By staying in front of these individuals using frequent messaging, this activity can lend itself to creating better consumer connections.
  3. Targeted messaging can serve as a guide – The buying process in many cases can be a complex one. Depending on the kind of purchase, people are often on the fence and may need help coming to a decision. Marketers can use this as an opportunity to offer suggestions and establish themselves as trusted sources of information to the customer.

Final thoughts on automation
Marketers who use automation software generate twice the leads of batch emailers, and customers also perceive their communication to be twice as relevant. Whether prospecting for new leads or contacting them using an email strategy, it’s important for organizations to understand how valuable these efforts are. Some of these tips may be helpful to email marketers who use automation tools but may not have had outside the box ideas on ways to make them more valuable.

Tools that can help add more revenue while also integrating innovative strategies will have positive, long-term benefits to the growth of your company. For more ways to boost revenue from your email program, download PostUp’s free Ultimate Monetization Solution Guide.

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This blog post was originally published October 1, 2014, and has been updated to reflect the latest email marketing statistics.