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Gaming Services

Ninja Services Team

Email marketers by day, gamers by night, the PostUp client service team gets the gaming space. Our design team has created visuals for some of the top mobile and desktop games. Our delivery and strategy consultants not only know how to get your mailings to the inbox, but they know how to get to the hidden levels in your game, too. 

Program Experts

Whether a newbie or just short on time, our campaign managers and strategic services team know how to help you grow your list, cross-promote your games, and take advantage of the mobile revolution.

Gaming Partners

A partnership with Janrain makes it easy for subscribers to navigate across multiple websites in an authenticated manner. Janrain’s Social Sign-in solution, enables clients to extend single sign-on capabilities across their properties, creating a seamless experience for your players.

Tired of losing the flash and pizzazz of your in-game visuals when you translate your messaging to email? Kick your content up a notch by utilizing Cinegif’s platform to create in-email gifs. The gifs open and play instantly in the body of an email – without plug-ins or add-ons. Introduce characters, new items, or levels to increase engagement and response in your email campaigns.