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Episode 10: Email in 2017: MadTech's Frankenstein Monster

In this episode, David Daniels from The Relevancy Group looks towards 2017 where we deconstruct MadTech's Frankenstein monster, which is assembled from old bits of analytics platforms, pieces of machine learning, real-time data – and of course, love. 

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Episode 9: Video + Email = Magic 

In this episode, YouTube celebrity Tracy Timberlake talks to us about how she turned her huge video audience into a successful business through the magic of an email list. We also talk about how video & email can work together to make magic!

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Episode 8: ELECTION SPECIAL! Mr. Email Goes to Washington

In this episode, Tom Sather, the Senior Director of Research at Return Path, takes us through this election season from the point of view of the inbox. You’ll get an inside peek at what each campaign has been up to by examining their email campaigns. It’s the one piece of election coverage that won’t make you want to put a fork through your own eyeball!

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Episode 7: The Ghost of Email Past, Present & Future

Gather round the campfire, #emailgeeks! In this episode, Joshua Baer stops by to talk about the listserv wars of yore, the evolution of email, and how Spike Jonze nailed the future. This is a man whose license plate says “Email,” so get ready to dive deep!

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Episode 6: Straight Inbox Hustlin'

In this episode, Kendall Baker of The Hustle walks us through a day in the life of a business that revolves entirely around an email newsletter. We also discuss whether we should change the name of this podcast to "Email Marketing's Reanimated Zombie Corpse." Please feel free to weigh in!

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Episode 5: Always Remember to Never Forget Your Automations

In this episode, marketing automation strategist Michelle Miles shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of email automation, along with a 4-step plan for automation perfection.

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Episode 4: Gmail & Outlook Are On Notice!

Litmus just announced a groundbreaking partnership with Outlook, and in this episode, we talk to Jaina Mistry of Litmus about just why Gmail & Outlook are such a pain for email marketers. Consider this the email marketers’ wishlist, Gmail & Outlook! You’ve officially been put on notice!

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Episode 3: The Data-Driven Marketing Nerdapalooza

In this episode, we geek out with some data analysis experts, discuss why you shouldn't trust your gut, and swap tools for making marketers better at data analysis. Nerdapalooza ensues.

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Episode 2: Email Marketing in a Social World

In this episode, we talk to Amy Vernon and Aly Keves of The Daily Dot about how email marketing and social media can play nice in the sandbox together. We also make sure to cover Pokemon Go and dumpster fires .

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Episode 1: How to Make Email Sexy Again

No one's excited about email anymore, which might be why it gets declared dead so often. So is email in need of some kind of makeover? In this episode, we talk to the CEO of PowerInbox, Jeff Kupietzky, about how to make email sexy again. We also play futurist and imagine what email is going to look like in five years.

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