Email Marketing Ideas To Improve Your Email Program For Next Year

Now is the time of year when companies begin to plan for next year’s goals and objectives. The status quo will no longer be acceptable as you look for ways to grow and become more efficient in the upcoming year. As you look at your email program to make decisions on programs you would like to add, remove or enhance, we wanted to provide a checklist of possible projects you may want to consider.

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Does your Welcome Program need a facelift?

When was the last time you took a look at the welcome email your new contacts receive? This is the perfect time to decide if your welcome program may need an overhaul. Are the key features and benefits showcased in your welcome message still pertinent? Do all the links still work? Do you have enough applicable content that warrants an upgrade from a single email to a multi-email welcome program? Remember, this is your only opportunity to make a first impression.

Is it time to update your creative design?

If any of your emails look like they might have been designed in the 1990s, it may be time to call in a new creative designer. We have found that a well-designed email has one of the highest impacts compared to other changes you may make to your program.

It cannot be emphasized enough that emails need to be designed by teams that understand email design as opposed to teams who only have experience in website design.

In addition, you need to ensure that your emails are also optimized for mobile devices.

Is it time to ask for the resources to build a preference center?

If you send out more than one type of email, your unsubscribe rates could be suffering as a result of having a global unsubscribe process. You want to make sure your contacts have options when they want to stop receiving specific content. Provide them with an option to opt up or opt down, instead of only opting out. We will let you in on a little secret… it may be much easier to plan for and build a preference center than you think! You can design and host the preference center yourself and we manage only the integration with PostUp, or we can design and manage the project for you from beginning to end.

Do you need more reporting or analytics support?

PostUp is designed to provide reporting for individual emails and at the campaign level. In 2015 we enhanced our reporting capabilities by partnering with Return Path and Tableau to provide insight into inbox deliverability and content rendering across all of the major email clients and devices. We understand that our clients also need to know who their customers are and their customers’ actions after they click on an email.

Are you asking your contacts for one last chance?

Do you have a treatment strategy for contacts and subscribers who are not engaging with your program? If so, make plans to build a re-engagement program for next year. PostUp has resources that you can take advantage of to make this process extremely easy. We have email templates you can adapt and change for your needs and we also have campaign managers to help you create the segmentation within PostUp.

We find that our most successful clients are the ones that are constantly challenging the status quo and looking for new ways to test their email programs.

As always, best of luck with your email marketing programs. If you have any questions regarding planning or budgeting for the upcoming year, please feel free to contact us.

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Shelly Alvarez

Director of Client Services, PostUp