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Omni-Channel Email Marketing Platform

Your audience is everywhere, and now you can be too. PostUp’s email marketing solutions allow you to share your content  across multiple channels. Email, social media, SMS, push notifications – everything except carrier pigeons.


You’ve got enough email to deal with. We can take care of your email program management, design, strategy, and more, so you can get back to reading those chain letters from your mom.


Reach your audience anywhere with SMS, push notifications, and mobile-optimized email. Your messages will look great on any device, #nofilter.


Be social without ever having to leave your home platform. PostUp integrates with social media to make lead generation, subscriber capture, and content sharing a breeze.


Reach out to your audience with capture widgets, lightboxes, and other interactive content. Automate your emails with RSS Feed integration. Harness the power of the Web, all without that pesky radioactive spider bite.

Drip Visualizer

With a complex omni-channel strategy, it can be tricky to keep track of all the moving parts. PostUp’s email marketing drip visualizer generates a clear, comprehensive picture of your campaign, allowing you to observe each step at a glance. See where you stand, share it with coworkers, or show it off at the next meeting.

App Creation

Excited by push notifications but don’t have an app? Don’t worry, we’ll gladly build an app for you. We won’t even make you watch an ad first. We’re just excited for you to send push notifications too.

CMS Integration

With seamless CMS integration, PostUp’s email marketing platform will compile content based on your tags, put it in your email template, and send it out automatically. Or if you want, we won’t send it out until you give us the thumbs-up. You can have as much or as little control as you need.

How PostUp Delivers

Managed Professional Services

One-size-fits-all solutions are anything but. From Full-Service to Self-Service to a mix of the two, our experienced consultants work with you one-on-one to develop a fit that hugs your company and flatters your content.

Omni-Channel Capabilities

Manage your omni-channel outreach from a single platform that’s suited for novices and nerds alike.

Robust Technology Partners

We know people. PostUp’s partnerships with Return Path, Tableau, PowerInbox, and other industry leaders give you access to the best when you need it, all with a single contract.

Regulatory Compliance

Our compliance management solutions ensure you’ll never have to worry about email compliance. Instead, you can think about important things, like, “is ‘CAN-SPAM’ the best or worst acronym ever?”

How can we help?

Whether it’s growing your audience through Audience Development, monetizing, automating, or just understanding your email business, we’re here to help. Fill out this form to request a free Revenue Potential Analysis for your email program.

PostUp is Dedicated to Making Your Email Marketing a Success

PostUp understands that brands make money by driving list growth, engaging audiences, and presenting them with compelling content. Whether it’s building strategy, executing campaigns, designing flawless emails or landing in the inbox , we’re here for you.

Strategic Services

Optimize your email marketing strategy.

Campaign Management

Management to execute email campaigns.

Integration Services

Automate aspects of your email marketing.

Delivery Consulting

Access to a dedicated deliverability consultant.

Email Creative Design

Your solution for developing all your email creative.

Reporting & Analytics

Use our analytics team to interpret subscriber data.

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