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Email and Audience Development Resources

From email automation to responsive design, we’ve compiled our commonly-asked-about topics into handy resources for you to browse and download. Check out our solution guides, on-demand webinars, and other downloads for actionable strategies and tactics you can implement in your email program. Enjoy!

Solution Guides

Download our solution guides to learn how PostUp helps publishers build audience relationships, scale their email programs, and monetize their content.

NEW: Email Audience Enrichment
Establish audience identity, collect actionable first-party data, and maximize email revenue with an enriched email audience.
Dynamic Content Wall Solution Guide
Monetize your content and build a business model that works with PostUp’s Dynamic Content Wall.
Audience Development Solution Guide
Learn how onsite capture widgets, preference centers, and re-engagement campaigns can strengthen your direct audience relationships.
Email Automation for Publishers
Automate your newsletter curation, assembly, and deployment process with PostUp's automation solutions for publishers.
Monetization Solution Guide
Is your email program profitable? Get the guide to drive revenue with in-email ads and promotional mailings.
Email Deliverability Solution Guide
See how PostUp’s Return Path integration and deliverability consulting help email programs achieve high inbox placement.
Enterprise Email Automation
Spend minutes, not hours, creating email. See how PostUp’s automation solutions can optimize your email marketing efforts.
Email Strategy Solution Guide
Learn how to bring competitive intelligence, powerful analytics, and data-driven strategy to your email program.
Dedicated Deliverability Solutions
Learn how shared IPs can limit your inbox placement and how a dedicated IP can help you own your sender reputation.
Advanced CTR Solution Guide
See how advanced targeting and personalization can better engage your email audience.

Creative Lookbooks

Looking to refresh your email newsletter? Need a new master template? Get inspired with examples of our top creative work. See how PostUp drives success for clients with email, audience development, and preference center design.

Creative Services Lookbook
Need inspiration for your next email campaign? Get the lookbook to see examples of top email newsletter creative.
Welcome Message Lookbook
Make a lasting first impression with inspiration from the welcome email examples in our Lookbook.
Preference Center Lookbook
A good preference center can improve subscriber retention. See how PostUp designs preference centers that work.
Audience Development Lookbook
PostUp’s onsite email capture widgets are up to 500% more effective than static forms. Download the lookbook to see why.


Whether you’re new to email or a seasoned inbox pro, you’ll find reading material here. Design mobile-friendly email, combat the effects of ad blockers, and implement effective testing practices with help from PostUp’s email guides.

The Big Book of Email HTML Hacks
Learn how to combat image distortion, use web fonts, and bulletproof your email template with these email HTML hacks.
Adblocking Playbook
See how email can help you combat the effects of ad blockers and take back your revenue.
Email A/B Testing Guide
Get the guide for A/B testing ideas, strategies, and best practices that you can implement in your email program.
Guide to Designing Mobile Email
Guide to Designing Mobile Email
From responsive design to scalable design, learn how to design email that works for your mobile audience.
8 Design Tips for Mobile Emails
The majority of your audience is mobile. Get the guide to make sure your email marketing program is up to the task.
Email Best Practices
From the inbox to the landing page, learn how to optimize your message at every step of the process.
Behavioral Marketing
Get tips for implementing a blended content strategy that resonates with your audience.
5 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability
5 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability
Learn how to improve your inbox placement to make sure deliverability issues don’t derail your message.

On-Demand Webinars

Grow your email list. Take back your audience from the platforms. Design better email. Get tips from the experts for driving real results (and revenue) in your email program.

Develop & Monetize Audiences Webinar
Monetizing your audience directly is more important than ever. Learn how to effectively leverage email to drive revenue.
Distributed Content Webinar
Don't sacrifice your audience to the platform. Mitigate the pitfalls of distributed content with the tips in this webinar.
Growing Email Lists Webinar
If you grow your email list, you grow your email revenue. Watch the webinar, then watch the money roll right in.
Take Control of Your Traffic Webinar
Learn how to use email to take back your audience (and your revenue) from the platforms.
Driving Growth for Publishers Webinar
Watch the webinar for key strategies & tactics for growing your audience, as well as the data that backs them up.
Best Practices for Driving ROI Webinar
Email is a key channel for driving marketing ROI, but you have to do it right. Learn how with this free webinar.
HTML Fails Webinar
Email HTML is tricky. Watch the webinar to make sure your emails aren’t tripping up in the inbox.

White Papers

Email is more important than ever, and we’ve got the data to back it up. Download these white papers to get access to original research and advanced strategies & tactics to implement in your email program.

How Publishers Can Drive Growth
Email is different for publishers. Learn email’s role in helping publishers distribute content, grow audiences, and drive revenue.
PostUp: The Top ESP for Publishers
See why PostUp’s automation and scalable email solutions make us the top email service provider for publishing & media companies.
Distributed Content White Paper
Publishers are yielding their audience to the platform, but what are they getting back? Get the guide to take back your audience from the platforms.

Downloadable Template

Start sending mobile-friendly email today with this free responsive email template.

Free Responsive Email Template
Start sending responsive email today with this free two-column email newsletter template.