postup playbook

Case Studies

1440 Media migrates to a
Dedicated IP environment
with incredible success.

Apartment Therapy Media
increases onsite newsletter
conversions by 63%

Tastemade sees list growth
success with PostUp’s capture widgets

How “America’s News Feed” Captivated
Their Audience Using PostUp’s
Audience Development Solution

HealthiNation grows email list
by 68% with PostUp’s Audience
Development Solution

America’s Cup sees 50% list growth
with PostUp’s capture widgets and on-call
campaign management team

Golf Channel Aces Email
Marketing with PostUp Scores Hole In
One with PostUp seeing 142%
increase in CTR

New York Media improves
unsubscribe rate by 76% with
PostUp’s Preference Center Solution

Sony Welcome Campaign Delivers
Welcome Results with 157%
Increase in Click-Throughs

PostUp Solves the email
delivery mystery for ShadowShopper reaches
the inbox with PostUp

Fashion Retailer Boosts Email
Related Sales by 164%
with PostUp

PostUp Optimizes Design,
Content and Engagement
for ACMG

High-Speed Email Marketing
Success & 72% More
Subscriptions with PostUp

Industrial Supply Distributor
rockets to 92% open rate after
switching to PostUp

Saves 5 Hours per Week
with PowerAnalytics Reporting