Email Marketing Success: Testimonials

Our customers love our intuitive email marketing platform.

Ready to take the plunge into email marketing success? You’ll be in good company.

healthination audience development testimonial

Jasmin Khan

Audience Development Manager, HealthiNation

“With PostUp’s creative solutions, we were able to grow our subscriber list a substantial amount in a remarkably short period of time. We’re thrilled with the results we’ve achieved, as well as with the outstanding support and expert guidance we received from the PostUp team along the way.”

lockco email open rate

Marketing Programs Manager

Industrial Supply Distributor

“We never had more than a 28% open rate when we emailed our whole email file (3 years of customers’ emails) with our former ESP, but we averaged only a 19% open rate on most email blasts.” rss automation

Scott Markle

Sr. Director, Audience & Business Development

“One of the big appeals for working with PostUp was the full automation through RSS. We can have smart emails built out to target users based on what we really think they are going to be interested in.”

kabam logo email platform

Wendy Yu

Senior Director of Marketing, Kabam

“What really struck me was the flexibility of the system and the flexibility of the company. They are nimble. I was just really impressed by their willingness to do whatever it took to help me get my email program to where I wanted to go."

aclj email deliverability testimonial

Chuck DeFeo

Digital Strategist, ACLJ

“Some organizations that will provide you with a product and then a help desk. Some organizations provide you client services and not much product. What I found in PostUp is a strength in both, and it always starts with getting your email delivered. PostUp’s been critical and their delivery consulting has been critical in getting us to a 99.8% delivery on all of our emails and that’s the difference."

OMGPOP email customer retention

Joseph Alminawi

General Manager, OMGPOP

“The single most beneficial thing we’ve experienced with PostUp is increased retention. We’re able to bring back users much more easily now. Players get incentivized emails one or two weeks after they’ve been inactive and come back to the site. The retention jump was immediate and as our user base grew, the retention did as well. It’s just so easy to notice the most crucial thing by far."

washington times logo email platform

General Manager of Interactive and Social Media

Washington Times

“We have been pleased with the business value that PostUp has helped us drive since we adopted the platform. We are also very excited about the new PostUp tools designed to help us more efficiently manage our advertising banner sales and fulfillment, including the banner inventory management system. In today’s publishing environment, optimizing performance while reducing costs is imperative.”

sony logo email campaign testimonial

John Briesch

President, Sony

“PostUp’s strategic solutions and the robust reporting of PostUp’s email platform were critical to our campaign’s ultimate success.” logo

Joseph Alminawi

CTO, ShadowShopper

“We love the relationships and the expert knowledge of how to manage and improve a mailing campaign we get from PostUp – from the content of the messages, to the frequency and delivery of the messages. There is huge value in that.”