Monetization solutions that drive more email marketing revenue.

Turn your email database into a revenue generating machine.

With PostUp Monetization Solutions, maximize ROI on each mailing with a service that is simple to use, personalized, and profitable.





1. Sponsored Email Advertising: “Rent" your list and get paid by the advertiser for each email delivered.
2. In-Mail Advertisements: Use traditional banner ads or content ads and grow revenue by email open, or ad view.
3. On-Site Monetization: Use email to drive traffic back to your website to profit from on-site ads.

Sponsored Email Advertising

Providing options for interesting, dynamic, and relevant content, leads to higher engagement overall.

    • Relevant, personalized content. Serve highly targeted ads to your audience.
    • Frequency Caps. Control the number of sponsored emails sent to each segment of your email database.
    • Higher CTRs. Tailored ads perform better than standard display ads in emails.

In-Mail Advertisements

Increase engagement with animated, interactive, real-time content that automatically updates each time the email is opened. 

With in-mail advertisements, you can see a 25%-45% increase in click through rates (CTR). This increase is achieved because your emails now stand out amongst the rest in the user’s inbox.

Email Program Foundation for Email Strategy

Overall list and email database size serves your ability to drive traffic for monetization on your site.


PostUp Example Email Revenue Growth and ROI 

Sponsored emails and in-email advertising are ancillary monetization techniques that depend on delivered email and email open rates.


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