Recap: Email Subscription and Publishing Best Practices AMA

email subscription and publishing best practices

Last month, PostUp’s VP of Product & Marketing Keith Sibson participated in an Ask Me Anything hosted by State of Digital Publishing. Questions were asked, answers were given, and a good time was had by all.

Miss the Ask Me Anything? Read on for some of the AMA’s key takeaways. 

An email subscription is the first step towards a relationship with your passing audience.

A capture widget might only convert 1 percent of your audience, but that’s 10-20x the value they would have had as a passing visitor. Even better, PostUp’s capture widgets have helped clients convert visitors at a rate of over 3 percent.

Active email capture widgets are 10x more effective than static forms.

Every email subscription on your list means more revenue, which means that revenue growth starts with list growth. Still, it’s not enough just to set out the forms and hope people find them. You have to go to your audience. Active slider capture widgets get the audience’s attention without intruding on the user experience.

The average PostUp client subscribes to 2.8 newsletters.

When email is a direct link between publishers and their audience, increasing newsletter subscriptions increases the number of opportunities you have to engage them.

Want to acquire email subscribers? You’ve got options.

Optimizing your landing pages can increase your conversion rates. Reduce friction with one-click subscriptions and progressive capture forms. Got a big Facebook following? Use your social media reach to bring your audience over to the inbox. Get your audience involved with contests or interactive capture widgets.

Don’t forget about your email subscribers once they’re on your list.

Growing your list can increase your revenue, but you can also grow your revenue by taking steps to take care of your existing members. Cross-promote your newsletters to increase overall engagement. Re-engage lapsed subscribers. Institute a customer loyalty program.

Building relationships is the key to a strong email program.

You can minimize email list opt-outs and increase email engagement by improving your audience relationships. Coincidentally, what’s a publisher’s greatest tool for improving audience relationships? Email. It all works together!

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