(Email) Templates are Coming

Technically, they’ve already arrived, but with another cold front attacking most of the nation and the new season of Game of Thrones fast approaching, I wanted to start this announcement off with a punny bang.

If you are a PostUp client, you will notice a few slight changes in your site when you log in today.

First, we’ve enabled the CMS – or Content Management System – for every client. This will give you more functionality in regards to email campaigns, including the option to use dynamic content within your emails and the ability to drag and drop saved HTML content. The second change you’ll notice is the addition of a Template Library within your CMS as well.

Found in the folder labeled “PostUp Template Library”, the new PostUp Template Library has been designed with one thing in mind – to empower our clients with the use of free, optimized email templates. There are two versions of this library; Scalable and Responsive.

responsive email templates

Our Scalable templates were built to scale regardless of device and screen size, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile phone; your email will scale accordingly to fit within the screen of the device for easy viewing. Our Responsive templates are a bit more complicated in that, instead of scaling, certain sections of the email will “stack” on top of others. This means a two-column layout in desktop will stack to a one-column layout in iPhone.

All templates have gone through rigorous rendering tests to ensure they are optimized for both desktop and mobile. Screenshots of each layout are included in the library, as well as screenshots for mobile and desktop versions for the Responsive templates.

What Kind of Templates?

Currently the library consists of eight templates – four scalable and four responsive. The four scalable layouts are repeated in a responsive version for clients who want to appeal more to their Apple subscribers.

Layout 1 – the Lengthy “Master Template”
Layout 1 I’ve nicknamed the “Master Template” for several reasons. For starters, this is the longest template in the library, and for good reason! This layout gives our clients multiple variations of headers, footers, one, two and three column layouts as well as some attractive content divider line options. This template was meant for a client to be able to pick and choose what pieces they like, and to build their email using those pieces.

Layout 2
email newsletter template

Layout 2 is a two-column layout that is more “newsletter-esque”. The template starts with space for a hero image and introductory copy before dividing into two columns. Each column has rows of content built to accommodate images, headlines, and body copy.
Layout 3
Have an exciting announcement you’d like to alert subscribers to? Or a new sampling of content you want to drive subscribers back to the website with? This is the template for you! Each ‘row’ of content includes an image option, body copy, and call to action button. Prefer the “Click Here” button being centered or text only? Don’t worry; we’ve thought of that too, you can scroll through the rest of Layout 3 to see all your options.
announcement email template

Layout 4

email promotion template

This layout was created for the Ann Taylor-like retailers of the world. Or anyone who wants to send a promotional email, really. Generally, retailers have a very basic format when they’re announcing a sale or promotion; large hero image and a call to action image beneath if the hero image itself isn’t enough. We’ve made a slight variation to make the email more best practice and less ‘image heavy’ by adding in text. Since part of your spam score is determined based on the amount of text you have in your email, this layout has header and body copy options in addition to the header and footer used.

What Does this Mean if I’m Not Particularly HTML Savvy?

We’ve built our template library to be especially helpful to those clients who aren’t as comfortable with HTML. Both Scalable and Responsive versions of the Template Library have been built using rows to form the foundation of the layout. What this means for clients is having the ability to easily delete sections or “rows” of the template, without affecting the rest of the layout. Clients can also duplicate these rows as well without risking damage to the email. Not sure where a certain section begins or ends? Not to worry, the HTML was also coded using developer comments that state where certain things begin and end, so you can feel confident deleting sections you don’t want to use.

responsive email html

All images in the template library are placeholder URLs, so they will be very easy to replace. The sizing for each of these images is included in the image itself, so it reduces the guess work for your creative team when sizing for certain areas. No heights have been set in regards to images, so you have flexibility with the height of your images as well.

Anything that requires updating has been coded with two pound – or as the new age kids call it, hashtag – symbols. All URL and alt text placeholders have been defaulted to “##” to make it easy for clients to do a quick search to see what parts of the template have been left unedited.

A set of black and white social media icons has also been provided with the library to make email builds easier. Some of the header and footer variations provided have image placeholders for these icons in particular.

What if I Tweak the HTML and Make a Mistake?

Whenever a client runs into trouble, we recommend reaching out to our PostUp Professional Services Team. Our Campaign Managers are happy to help should you run into any problems with your email campaigns. If you don’t have Campaign Management support or would simply like to “start over”, these templates won’t be editable within the CMS itself, so you can always pull the HTML over from the CMS file into a mailing draft to access the original code.

Okay, but what if I’m not a PostUp client yet?

We don’t want to leave anybody out. That’s why we’ve made one of our new email templates free for anybody to download. That’s right: free. Join the mobile-friendly party by getting your free responsive email template today!

Free Responsive Email Template Download