Facebook Algorithm Changes: How Digital Publishers Should Respond

Superhero movies are running rampant and, no matter which side of the civil war you’re on, one thing is for certain: good MUST defeat evil. But, when it comes to business models, where does distributed content fall? Before you decide which side to root for, let’s break down what this battle is about.

Distributed Content

/dəˈstribyo͞otˈəd/ /ˈkäntent/
The content created by a publisher, which is being hosted and consumed on another platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Medium.

Facebook’s algorithm changed no less than 6 times in 2016 alone. The version of their algorithm that they announced on June 29th favors posts from friends and family over those from publishing and media companies.

Let’s be clear — the villain here is not social platforms; the true enemy is platform dependence. Ceding too much of your control to a third party means putting your own brand, customer relationships, and revenue at risk.

There are certain perils that come along with using social platforms alone to disseminate your content. But, just to name a few…

1. Diminished brand engagement.

When you use a third-party platform to distribute your content, you prevent readers from interacting with YOUR brand. Instead of viewing material on your site, readers find it (or don’t) on their news feeds. This makes it difficult for you to develop a relationship with your reader and further your audience development!

2. Loss of content control

Although news feeds are wonderful content aggregators, social media audiences are not YOUR audiences. Each platform has the right to change its algorithms and preferences whenever they like. This means that when, and IF, your content appears on a feed will be at the mercy of each platform.

3. Missed monetization opportunities

When your content is consumed on a third-party channel, you miss out on first-party data. The site your readers choose to obtain your content from is the one that will gain insight about their preferences! This, too, threatens long-term monetization opportunities for digital publishers.

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