Golf Channel Aces Email Marketing with PostUp

The gold standard of email programs happens with a lot of hard work, and a little help from PostUp.

The Company has grown to become the #1 golf site on the Internet. As a one-stop portal for all things golf, not only is the destination for the latest news and scores, but also a place to find services to help the recreational golfer enjoy golf more and improve his/her game. They have a database of extremely loyal subscribers who use Golf Channel to keep up-to-date on tournaments, learn tips from Golf Channel Academy, and even play fantasy golf.

The Project

Golf Channel has one of the most successful email programs out there. They had three main problems to address when they came to PostUp: growing their active subscriber base, staying on top of deliverability, and getting more actionable reporting to help them drive decision-making for their program. Golf Channel partnered with PostUp for expert advice on which tactics would make the most impact on their list, such as one-click registration and lightbox implementation.

Next, PostUp’s deliverability solutions made sure they were landing in the inbox. As more people are added to the list, our deliverability consultants communicate with the ISPs to avoid potential issues that might cause emails to not arrive in the inbox.

Finally, Golf Channel wanted the flexibility to analyze their weekly and monthly email marketing performance, both in aggregate and for specific email campaigns. We built a customized set of reports that clearly visualize their target metrics without the need for unnecessarily complex querying and data retrieval, as well as new ways to analyze their audience behavior to make data-driven decisions on future program optimization.

The Results

Golf Channel has the gold standard of email marketing programs, boasting an extremely active subscriber base; they average a 40% open rate and 60% CTR. And this year alone, they’ve achieved one of their major goals – increasing the size of their subscriber database by 32%. But they’re not only driving solid results, they’re also saving quite a bit of time.