Email Best Practices: A Guide for Busy Email Marketers

Get the most from your email campaigns with these email marketing best practices

When email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media, it pays to have a strong email marketing program. But you can’t just send email; you have to send the right email. That means sticking to email marketing best practices. PostUp’s quick guide can help you send more effective emails by showing you how to automate email campaigns, how to send mobile-friendly email, and how to optimize your emails for higher conversions.

How can email automation improve my email program?
Email automation can help you increase your email output while minimizing effort. By triggering campaigns to send an email when a customer completes a specific action, you increase relevance and, potentially, engagement. Marketers can also send unique messaging based on the specific link or image that was clicked within an email.
What is responsive design? How it works?
Responsive email design uses CSS3 media queries to render the email according to the size of the screen. Best practices for sending responsive email include spacing out links, making sure all clickable areas are at least 44 x 44px, and using body text that is no smaller than 14pt. For more responsive email guidelines, download the full guide.
How can I optimize emails to drive more conversions?
To convert more users, you have to get them from your email to the landing page. Designing an email is one thing, but integrating a strategic plan to drive traffic from the email to a landing page truly is an art and science. Segmentation, automation, and A/B testing will help get you there.

To unlock email’s full potential, you must follow email marketing best practices. Download our handy email best practices guide to improve your email campaigns, your customer engagement, and your marketing ROI.