How One Brand Drove 68% Email List Growth in 5 Months

Email List GrowthHealthiNation saw a 68% increase in their email list size in just five short months. How did they do it? With the PostUp Audience Development Solution. Here’s their story.

HealthiNation exists to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles. The HealthiNation website had a healthy stream of traffic, but they wanted a way to monetize this audience. That’s when they called us.

The PostUp Audience Development Solution specializes in turning site traffic into revenue with email list growth. We customize solutions for our clients including on-site email capture widgets, targeting, newsletter cross-promotion, and more. The experience also works with visitors that have already signed up for a particular piece of content, so they don’t have to input their email address again.

growing email list lightboxes

Within one week of implementing a capture widget on their site, HealthiNation saw three times as many subscriptions as usual. Email subscriptions provide a direct link to their audience in a way that social media and fleeting site traffic cannot. By creating and sending relevant content to their subscribers, they have increased the lifetime value of each subscriber. To read more about which specific technique HealthiNation used to improve their audience, click here.

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