How the CTR Program Helps Publishers Increase Traffic

Find out about PostUp's CTR ProgramIf you’ve got popular content being shared on social networks, it’s hard to imagine that there might be a problem. But what if those social networks change the rules and make your content harder to see? Facebook does it several times a year; in fact, they just made a change last week. As one publisher recently told us, “We’re just two algorithms away from disaster.”  That’s why PostUp has created the CTR Program – to help publishing and media companies take control and maximize traffic through email. Here are some of the reasons why we thought creating this program was so important.

1. Email Drives Better Traffic

What does CTR mean anyway? Usually CTR stands for Click-Through Rate, but here it stands for Creating Traffic Revenue. The goal of our program is to create more traffic from a direct relationship with audiences, which increases revenue. How do you develop direct relationships with your audience? Through email.

Many publishers that we’ve spoken to recently either aren’t using email at all, or they have a program that’s not well-developed. But they’re missing out; email is the most effective channel for creating consistent, engaged traffic. PostUp’s publisher and media clients get up to 40% of their traffic from their email programs. In fact, email generates almost three times more page views per session than Facebook. If you’re not taking advantage of email to drive traffic, you’re leaving money on the table.

2. Email Gives You Full Control

Email gives publishers more control over developing a consistent, repeatable traffic source. Social media can be a great way to distribute content to a large population of people, but the social feed is always pulling the user back, and away from your content. And don’t forget that social media companies like Facebook change their display algorithm several times a year. Any of these changes might disturb your content’s visibility, complicating the source of incoming traffic. By adding an effective email program to the mix, you are taking control and driving traffic all on your own.

3. Email Harmonizes with Publisher Content

Publisher and media content matches perfectly with email; there is already an audience out there that wants your content. Subscribers that sign up will receive emails that drive repeat traffic to the website, and emails can be customized to be sent out as many times a week as the user has requested. You get traffic, they get your content on their schedule; in the end, email satisfies everyone.

But where are you going to get the resources to amp up your current email program or create a new one from scratch? Good news: turning email into a powerhouse is PostUp’s area of expertise. We want to help you really connect with your audience through the channel of email. Turn your program over to us and we’ll create the results for you.

To find out how it works, watch our on-demand webinar “4 Steps to Take Control of Your Traffic” and take the first step towards increasing and controlling the traffic that comes to your website. Even if social is working for you now, building an additional traffic channel can really take your results to the next level.

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