How to Create Frighteningly Good Email Newsletters

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be thinking how terrifying your email newsletters have become. However, newsletters are still a highly effective email marketing tactic and they don’t need to be scary. Here are some easy tips to improve them:

email newsletters best practices

1. Make the call to action easy to find
It can be difficult to guide readers all the way to end of the newsletter before they take the next step, so placing the call to action near the top of the email prevents readers from dropping off like victims in a horror movie. Including a hard-to-miss button at the top can increase conversion rates, according to Street Fight.

2. Don’t be afraid to resurrect some content
Just because you’ve used an article once doesn’t mean it can’t come back to life. If an in-depth piece of content appeared once, there’s no guarantee recipients read it. Running an article again can help you get more mileage out of your best content. Even if subscribers look forward to your newsletters, they may be too busy to read it all at once. Resending your high-performing content may be doing your readers a favor!

You can even repurpose content that appeared elsewhere to quickly create additional email-exclusive content. Don’t spend more time churning out brand-new content than is totally necessary. After all, you’ve got a Halloween costume to plan!

3. Timing is everything
When users subscribe to your newsletter, you shouldn’t wait until the next full moon to send them a message. It’s important to send them something while your brand is still fresh in their minds. If you wait too long to send a newsletter, you risk being irrelevant. This can impact the long-term viability of your list. You don’t want your newsletter subscribers to turn into the walking dead before you can make real connections with them.

4. Don’t neglect mobile optimization
With the majority of emails being opened on mobile devices, failing to optimize for mobile will come back to haunt you. This is especially true if one of the goals of your newsletter is to encourage people to share content. If your newsletter isn’t mobile-friendly, there is a good chance it will never be read. 71.6 percent of readers will delete an email that doesn’t look good on their phone, which means that catering to your mobile audience can make a world of difference.

Single column displays work well for smartphones and tablets, and it’s important to utilize buttons instead of links for improved touch screen clickability. It’s much harder for users to click a link with their thumbs, and recipients may be frustrated if they constantly have to zoom in to follow the call to action. Need help building mobile-friendly emails? You can start sending beautiful responsive emails immediately by downloading our free responsive email template.

Free Responsive Email Template Download

Newsletter email design doesn’t have to be a spooky process. Simple steps can improve engagement with your content.

This blog post was originally posted October 13, 2014, and has since been updated to include the most recent email statistics.