Increase Mobile Email Opens by Strengthening Customer Relationships

mobile email marketingMost email marketers know that mobile technology has altered the ways many companies do business. In order to make your email marketing strategy more impactful, it’s important to effectively leverage the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets and make a strong impression in the eyes of tech-savvy consumers.

Email marketers must know how to effectively leverage mobile in their communications with customers.

One of the ways to ensure your customers see your emails on their mobile devices is by taking steps to improve your reputation with them. Consumers are more likely to open an email if they are familiar with the sender. This is why it’s imperative that your company delivers excellent quality content at all times. Doing so helps build a solid rapport with your consumers. Also, you can ensure that your email campaign will be well received by readers and that it has a positive impact on both visibility and click-thru rates.

Building these relationships with individual readers can have a positive effect throughout your marketing program. High email engagement can have a positive effect on your inbox placement rates, increasing the chances that new readers will see your emails as well.

It’s important to remember that the chance to shape customer relationships doesn’t end after they open your email; it’s important that the contents don’t disappoint. Now that the majority of email opens occur on mobile, your emails must be crafted to accompany this technology shift. Your mobile customers are too important to receive email that doesn’t fit their device.

If you’re not sending mobile-optimized emails already, you should consider implementing responsive email design; however, responsive HTML isn’t the only way to make your marketing emails more mobile friendly. For more ways to increase engagement with mobile readers, download our free guide, “8 Design Tips for Mobile Emails."

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Shelly Alvarez

Director of Client Services, PostUp