Is Your Email Program Profitable? It Should Be.

PostUp's Email Monetization Solution Guide

You regularly send emails, with carefully rounded-up content. You understand how important it is to continue spurring readers on to join your email list. You devote more time to your emails now than ever before! So what’s stopping you from wrangling the revenue from your email program? Or if you are, could you be pulling in more? Sending emails that don’t contain ads means choosing to leave money on the table.

For example, the ROI model below displays data from a publisher’s current email program and showcases the growth available with email monetization. This could mean boosting the publisher’s ROI by 90%. Take a look:

Email Monetization ROI Model

As you can see, this publisher took their annual email revenue from $245,454 to a whopping $404,362, just by incorporating our in-email advertisements and other monetization strategies into their existing email program.

Don’t let the hard work you put into maintaining your inbox placement rate, healthy email list growth, and quality email creative go to waste; put your email program to work for you! Let us take the guesswork out of email monetization with Wrangle Your Email Revenue: PostUp’s Ultimate Email Monetization Solution Guide.

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