July’s Best Email Ever: Killer Pigeons, Killer Design

This month’s Best Email Ever! comes from Redbubble, which describes itself as “… the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace on the interlink.” With tons of original, creative, beautiful, interesting products ranging from wall art to iPhone cases, it truly is the perfect place for creative artists to showcase their talents.As a creative-minded person, I look forward to getting Redbubble emails in my inbox. Their emails are chock-full of various eye-catching products, and almost always result in my clicking and searching for something cool. They’re like that little hand-blown glass shop near every beach town in America; you can’t help but walk in, just in case they have something interesting. Somehow they always do, and you leave feeling all warm and fuzzy.

That’s typically what happens when I receive Redbubble’s emails. But this month’s email really caught my attention, and actually got me to crack a smile. Anytime you can use a Hitchcockian reference to sell a product, it’s an automatic win. Like I’ve said before: sometimes you just have to have some fun and laugh, even at yourself.

From the “Killer” headline, to the attacking Pigeons and product feature: an actual Pigeon t-shirt, plus the Promo Code “FORTHEBIRDS,” this is a brilliant example of email marketing. However, I think they missed a huge opportunity by going with the ribbon graphic to highlight the 20% savings instead of a glob of pigeon poop. But hey, I’m just a creative that likes to take his satirical bird ads all the way.

Redbubble Killer Email

Again, Redbubble does not disappoint with their volume of products featured. They always show a nice variety featuring several categories, which smartly increases the chances that a reader will see something that interests them and click. Even with the high number of images, they did a great job balancing them out with HTML text to highlight product names and featured artists. The layout is well-balanced, well-organized, and looks fantastic on all devices.

Redbubble Product Display Email

Redbubble nails all of the basic elements you want to see in a well-crafted email, but it goes the extra mile and gets this month’s Best Email Ever! for its clever use of email creative. By using the classic Hitchcock visual reference of the winged assassins, coupled with the perfectly themed headline and cheeky Promo Code, this email has flown directly into my heart and deserves more than breadcrumbs to celebrate.

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