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The media audience of today consumes content in more ways than ever before. From mobile to desktop, news apps to social media sites, publishing companies must move to meet their users wherever they are; however, juggling an omnichannel approach, while maintaining a unified message, can be difficult. Jumping from platform to platform in a quest to find that increasingly elusive audience is like a frustrating video game with no point, no power-ups, and no bumpin’ soundtrack to let you know when that boss battle is near.

That’s why we decided to bring all of those channels under one roof with Continuum, our new Digital Publishing Suite designed specifically for publishing & media companies. Continuum combines CMS integration, social media, SMS, and push notifications in a single suite, making it easy to create winning omni-channel campaigns without the pitfalls that make you want to hurl the controller, keyboard, or nearest intern across the room. Sound like fun? Your nearest intern certainly thinks so. Let’s take a closer look.

Mega Man

Make Life Easier with CMS Integration

When it comes to content publishing, balancing automation and human intervention can be difficult. We think that robot/human conflict is best left to the video game world and the inevitable Terminator reboot (it’s coming), so Continuum’s CMS Integration facilitates peaceful collaboration between the two, providing a way to fully automate your email deployment while also maintaining full human oversight.

The Continuum suite tag-teams with your CMS to compile tagged content, put it into a template, then create an email proof.  From there, the designated editor can approve the proof for submission as-is or make any necessary changes. With CMS integration, you can kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge that the weekly newsletter is done and the Robot Wars are delayed another day.

Super Mario Bros. Feeling nostalgic yet?

Go Where Your Audience Goes with Social Media & SMS

Your audience is all over social media, but with so many different sites to maintain, keeping your message consistent sometimes feels like a fruitless endeavor. Continuum connects with the major social media sites so you can cross-promote content without venturing out into the rest of the Internet; we’ve seen how scary it can be out there.

And for those who feel like avoiding the internet entirely, Continuum’s SMS capabilities also give you the option to reach your users by text message. Not that SMS is only for people too scared (or perhaps too sensible) to use the Internet. As long as people instinctively grab for their phones the millisecond their pocket starts chirping that Super Mario sound, SMS remains a great way to power up your drip campaigns, and Continuum lets you do so straight from the suite, freeing up your texting thumbs for more important business. Like saving the princess.

The Legend of Zelda

Round Out Your Omnichannel Strategy with Push Notifications

Cut through all of the noise with Continuum’s Push Notifications. For those times when your message can’t wait for users to put down their mobile game, Continuum seamlessly connects with your app to deliver breaking news, announcements, or other alerts to your audience instantaneously. No digital arsenal is complete without push notifications, and adding them to your drip campaign can engage loyal users and re-engage those who have wandered off.

Push notifications are an integral part of the Continuum publishing suite, but without an app, you’re just push-notifying into the void. Don’t have an app? Don’t worry; we won’t leave you hanging. The expert hands behind Continuum can also build an app just for you.

Super Mario Bros.

Get a Bird’s Eye View with the Drip Visualizer

So, you’ve put together an admirable omni-channel campaign, but how do you show it off without confusing other people? Or yourself, for that matter? As your drip series grows more complex, accommodating your growing audience with additional steps, keeping track of all those moving parts can get tricky.

That’s why Continuum’s Drip Visualizer is the icing on the cake, generating a clear, comprehensive picture of every campaign you create. See where you stand, share it with coworkers, or show it off at the next meeting. Consider it your level map for success, or the high score screen you can brag about to the boss.

Press Start to Continuum

By combining each aspect of your omnichannel strategy in one place, the Continuum Digital Publishing Suite makes executing a high-scoring omnichannel campaign fast, easy, and fun. After all, everything’s more fun when you can play together. Ready to get started? Request a demo today.

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