Marketing Technology

To enable our clients to take their marketing campaigns to the next level quickly, PostUp partners with leading marketing technology providers in many areas, including CRM and Web analytics.

PostUp’s Marketing Technology Partners offer solutions, processes or industry expertise that complement or extend PostUp’s platform.

By easily integrating with CRM, Web analytics, e-commerce and other marketing technology providers, PostUp’s AppExchange gives marketers additional insight into their marketing funnel and the ability to communicate across multiple channels and create more effective, targeted and automated digital marketing campaigns.


To further elevate the value of the PostUp’s marketing automation capabilities, we’ve created strategic partnerships that establish a “closed loop” between the marketing department’s lead-generation and nurturing process and CRM. Through seamless integration, leads can be effectively identified, nurtured, scored and delivered to the appropriate sales representative based upon scores defined in PostUp and complementing CRM system. And to close the loop on the marketing initiative, sales information is combined with marketing metrics to provide a full view of revenue performance.


PostUp has established partnerships with the leading Web analytics providers, enabling clients to take their marketing campaigns to the next level more quickly and with greater ease than ever.

Complementary Service Providers

As the digital communications environment continues to widen, there’s a commensurate rise in the number of new and exciting services and products that can add value to clients’ investments in communications. PostUp is continually looking for best-of-breed providers whose services complement our core digital marketing platform.

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