Solutions for Media

At PostUp, we know that building lasting relationships with customers is paramount for media companies. That’s why our platform helps media outlets create personalized content, targeting the right subscriber, at the right time. PostUp empowers companies, like yours, by providing engaging and personalized messages to consumers, which inspires customer loyalty and increases traffic to your site!

Brands We Work With

Platform Built for Media

Our platform is built for a content-driven industry, with features allowing you to target, broadcast, and analyze your subscriber base.

Breaking News Alerts

Being first in the inbox is critical, so our Breaking News Alerts feature allows you to quickly send time-sensitive messaging without even logging into the PostUp platform. Simply update your site, and we pull the content into a pre-defined template for immediate deployment.

Personalized Newsletters

Our dynamic content builder allows you to personalize content for your subscribers, based on their preferences. By tracking subscriber’s website activity, we allow media companies the chance to create targeted newsletters. This ultimately increases engagement and keeps customers coming back for more.

PostUp Analytics

PostUp Analytics powered by Tableau Software® lets media companies utilize data-driven best practices, drive discussion on future implementation and ultimately gain predictive insights on subscribers, giving media companies the chance to tell a visual story and learn from large data sets.

Professional Services

We’ve been doing this for years with the world greatest media companies. Our proven services team takes the guess work out of your email marketing efforts. Email strategies include:

  • Email acquisition and preference center personalization
  • Campaign automation
  • Device-optimized creative
  • Deliverability consulting


As a company that focuses on media companies, we hand-pick multi-channel technology partners to help deliver results such as increased advertising and higher click-throughs. For example:

  • Personalize your email with relevant content using our predictive, behavioral recommendation partners
  • Gain actionable insights from our device-detection integration with Litmus and simplify the process of re-targeting and designing beautiful, device-specific content
  • Monetize your newsletters with LiveIntent’s real-time ads and leverage their extensive LiveAudience network to extend your reach for your advertisers