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PostUp’s email deliverability solutions improve’s sender reputation.

The Company is an online shopping site that enables customers to compare prices and shop for products from multiple grocery, health and beauty stores across the UK. Their aim is simple; save consumers time and money while providing the best possible online shopping experience.

The Project

As a thriving business eager to communicate with its growing list of engaged customers, encountered email inbox delivery challenges due to an unfavorable mailing reputation. These reputation issues resulted in periodic blocking at Windows Live Hotmail, which represents 40% of their subscriber base.

PostUp’s deliverability experts worked with the team to create and implement a plan that improved their sending reputation and helped qualify for Certification from Return Path, maximizing inbox delivery across all ISPs.

The Results

PostUp’s email services team used their deliverability expertise to put together a plan for improving inbox placement.

  • As a result of recommendations made by the PostUp team, has improved its sender reputation and is now a Return Path Certified sender.
  • has consistently achieved exceptional inbox placement rates and has not experienced any further blocking issues with any ISP.
  • The team is extremely pleased with the strategic delivery consulting and overall intuitive nature of the PostUp platform as they continue to grow their business.

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