NASCAR Drives Email ROI With Raceday Campaign

PostUp’s automated email campaign increases paid subscriptions by 72%.

The Project launched an award-winning email campaign to promote their subscription-based product Raceday Scanner, which allows fans to get into the race car with their favorite driver and hear live, streaming audio of the communications between the driver and his pit crews. The email campaign informed recipients of a free trial of this in-car audio service for the Talladega race weekend, and succeeded in revving fans up about Raceday Scanner.

The email campaign consisted of pre-race notification email to all of’s email subscribers. Recipients of the email were not only informed of the free weekend offer, but they were also able to sample audio clips of NASCAR’s top drivers directly from the email. Emails were segmented by the recipients’ previously acquired Favorite Driver preference, and then designed with each recipient’s respective Favorite Driver messaging and creative. Immediately following the Talladega Race Weekend, recipients were delivered a “buy now” special discount on the Raceday Scanner subscription for future races.

The Results deployed one million emails before and after the Talladega race weekend. Since the campaigns are powered by PostUp’s top-ranked email marketing automation system, is able to monitor the performance of the emails, respond to customer feedback and optimize deliverability. This email campaign resulted in tens of thousands of Raceday Scanner free trials and a 72% increase in pre and post-race subscriptions. The free weekend email campaign continues to produce higher conversion rates than any other direct marketing campaign for Raceday Scanner.

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