New York Media improves unsubscribe rate by 76%

PostUp’s preference center solution minimizes email opt-outs.

The Company

New York Media is the parent company of the ground-breaking New York Magazine; the news and service website; the Grub Street network of food blogs; the entertainment and culture news site Vulture; TheCut fashion blog, and the New York Weddings magazine. The company’s web properties attract over 11 million monthly unique visitors.

The Project

During an annual review of their digital marketing efforts, New York’s online marketing team uncovered a flaw in their otherwise successful email program: their unsubscribe rates surpassed the industry average. “Further review pointed to a broken process in our existing one-step newsletter opt out,” commented Julia Koulbitskaya, Associate Marketing Manager for Online and Circulation for New York Media. The publisher needed to determine the reason behind their high list attrition rates and work towards improving subscriber retention.

The Solution

New York deploys more than a dozen email newsletters through the PostUp platform, covering everything from entertainment to fashion to home design. However, despite having multiple programs, the publisher used a global unsub link across most of their emails. This specific unsub methodology not only removed subscribers from receiving one newsletter, but unsubscribed them from receiving any future communications from New York. In fact, their customer service team received numerous complaints about subscribers being unable to re-subscribe to different newsletters.

PostUp’s Professional Services team reviewed New York’s unsubscribe process and recommended a preference center solution. New York worked with PostUp through several rounds of design in order to create a preference center that matched the publisher’s style guidelines and incorporated their feedback. The final solution allowed subscribers to view all of their subscriptions in one place, along with the ability to easily select and deselect their preferences accordingly, reducing the chance that a subscriber would globally opt-out of the email program.

The Results

One year later, New York Media’s average unsubscribe rate decreased by 76%. In addition, the publisher has received fewer customer service complaints regarding their email subscriptions and has diminished acquisition costs associated with making up for lost subscribers — improvements that offer significant monetary value to the company.

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